PowerCube VS PowerPort

I’m going to start a series of grudge match posts about Anker products. Basically, I think that there are some products that overlap, and I’m interested to hear everyone’s thoughts on which is the superior product. today we have, in the blue corner…


Packing an awesome 5 ports of charging potential and QC 3.0, this thing is an amazing little buddy. Smaller than it’s competitor, it also has a 2-prong plug, which allows you to plug it into ANY outlet, not just the 3 prong outlets like today’s opponent…


PAcking a whopping SIX ways to get power, this bests the Powerport 5 in total charging available. HOWEVER, it requires a THREE PRONG PLUG, which isn’t available everywhere. It’s also a little awkwardly shaped compared to the slimmer, sleeker, and frankly more attractive Powerport 5.

SO…here’s the question:

For a year, you can have only one way to plug into the wall, WHICH DO YOU CHOOSE?!?!?!

As a bonus question, you can add one feature to either - what is it?


These are very different products. One is just usb. The other has usb and 3 prong charger. I don’t really see how you can compare them. For me personally I would like the little block shaped one.

That’s the point - there’s overlap, but they aren’t exactly the same. There are trade offs to be made.

While I love the total output of the USB ports on the PowerPort 5 (63W vs 18W), the Cube is more versatile based on the standard AC outlets.

I like the Cube as it still powers upto 3 devices on USB and 3 regular devices.

I like the cube design. The PowerPort 5 is not a bad item tho

I like the look of the power port compared to the power cube :heart_eyes:

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I like the cube because if i was travelling i could charge my camera batteries with it.

The cube is frequently in sale, I’m gonna try and get one next

I have the cube multiple Powerport 5,6, 10, basic, the PD, C.

I’d say the cube is more for home, use it where you got a 3 prong socket and where you need a few electric sockets and a few USB sockets.

The Powerport 5 type products are more for travel when you have a lot of gadgets and you know its a few feet from a wall socket. My travel stuff is significantly USB orientated for smaller size, but home stuff tends to be things which never leave home like non-USB Chromebook, non-USB laptop.

The 5 port hands down. First off there are always 2 plugs in a wall outlet, so one for the 5 port, with the tech today it’ll charge pretty much anything, then the other plug for…laptop/desktop (assuming TV is plugged in a different outlet). Cube doesn’t have enough outlets for me, if I was gonna buy a power strip.