PowerCoreswitch edition


I am using Powercore 20100 Switch edition.

My Powercore is fully charged by QuickCharger Anker and four LED is show up. But after fully charge I just keep it and when I try to recharge Nintendo Switch, it can’t charge anymore. Only one LED is flashing. Can I get some advice here.

Thanks in advance

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First check to USB-C port for debris.

Then try resetting the powerbank by “looping” the input to one of the USB out ports.

If neither of those work shoot Support@anker.com an email stating your problem any steps you have taken so far serial number and order number they will be happy to help you out.


When going to charge the switch, you have to press the power button before plugging it into the switch, otherwise it will draw power from the switch and try to charge the pack from instead… Which is why you only see 1 light flashing as it’s trying to charge the pack instead of the other way around. Please unplug everything> wait 10 seconds> then press the power button> plug the cable into your switch and batterypack and the switch should start charging


Try methods as mentioned, if it still doesn’t work, please send an email to support@anker.com.
If your product is still in the warranty period, we will send a replacement to you.:innocent: