PowerCore Turbo review

This External battery pack is just fantastict. I absolutly love everyrhing about it. All the way down to the looks of it. Now lets get onto the details of the powercore turbo. The 16000mah battery it holds is huge. I love bigger mah batterys, who doesn’t. This thing is packing such a huge battery and so many mah, But it is still some how light wheight and relitivly small. I have seen smaller mah battery packs that are heavier than this one. I am just amazed on how light it is for its size in battery. Another really cool feature of this battery its recharge time. It comes with a car charger to charge the battery in the car. This charger is essentially a DC adapter, like what is used to charge laptops. So with this charge plugged into the cigarette lighter in the car it can charge it supper fast. How fast you are wondering it can charge 85% faster than most battery packs. It can recharge it self in just 90 min. That’s 0 to 100 in just 90 min, 10x faster than other battery packs. That’s incredible for a 16000 mah battery pack. Just to put that in perspective, a 2270 mah phone battery (pixel xl) can recharge it self from 0 to 100 in just about 40 min. So to recharge a battery that’s roughly 3 times as big in only 50 more min is incredible. Not only does it charge it self fast, it also charges other devices at there fastest speeds. However it does not support quick charge :joy: but that’s okay. If you charge the battery for just 8 min from no juice in it, it can then charge up an iPhone! How cool is that. With the 4.8A output it can charge up a device supper quick for a non quick charge battery pack. It’s also supper safe. It has a high current controller, voltage regulator, and multi function circuit protection. So basically it won’t blow up or overheat it self or your phone. It’s very safe. Also with the powerIQ in both USB ports, it will know the speed that the device it is charging and charge it as fast as it can go. It can give an iPhone 6 almost 6 charges wow. Another great thing is it comes with everything that is needed to get the most out of this battery pack, it comes with a micro USB cable, the manual, the car charger, and a cool carrying pouch. This product is litterly loaded with fun and good overall stuff. I absolutly love everyrhing about it and would definitely recommend this to anyone and for the price it’s pretty good. Hope you enjoyed this review of the Powercore Turbo battery pack. If you have questions ask them I will try to answer them as quickly as possible

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How old is this battery pack. it is really huge. This is Great souvenir form ANKER. LOL!