PowerCore Speed 20000mAh vs PowerCore Elite 20000mAh

I am looking to buy my first Power bank. My local supplier has the PowerCore Speed 20000mAh (2 outputs [one with QC3.0], and 1 input) and the PowerCore Elite 20000mAh (3 outputs and 2 inputs) for the same price.
I am mainly going to use it to charge an iPhone 6, an iPhone 6S, and an iPad Air.
Is one of these better suited to my needs?

Apple iphone and ipad do not use Qualcomm chipsets so do not benefit from Qualcomm Quickcharge.

So the “Speed” has no advantage in recharge speed whatsoever.

Ignore the QC3 part. Make your decision on the other factors.


In addition to what @nigelhealy said about Apple not making any use of Qualcomms QuickCharge technology, it would be good for you to know that the PowerCore Elite, is at this time currently unavailable on Amazon. This leads me to believe that this model has been discontinued by Anker. Certainly, Anker will continue to support existing products, but I believe it would be in your best interest to go with a newer device instead of an older one. The PowerPort Speed, indeed has one less port, but has much newer and more efficient technology inside of it.

Either way, these two products will serve you well, I’m sure. And they are backed by a company who is leading in this area. You have come to the right place in considering Anker’s power banks. I believe you will not be left unsatisfied. Cheers, friend. :slight_smile:

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It has been stated numerous times before that lack of stock on Amazon doesn’t mean a product is discontinued or will be discontinued. Items go in and out of stock all the time


While this is true, the PowerCore Elite 20000 has been unavailable for quite some time. Perhaps @AnkerOfficial could confirm.

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Thanks for the correction, I wasn’t aware it’s been unavailable for a while. My appologies

I see this is on the Powercore topic, but on the Powerport topic, Elite was an interim product to solve sparking solved with the same-name non-Elite.

We didn’t get the full story but it tends to imply a Powerport4 new design now.

Put that on a T-shirt.


I wasn’t simply throwing out there that because X was unavailable that it meant it would never be available again. Only that that is was quite obviously an older product that hasn’t been promoted recently and was at the same time not “out of stock” on Amazon’s end, but “Currently Unavailable.” There are differences in the wording as I’m sure you’re aware.

I believe in this case (not all cases) it was a logical conclusion and something that was worthy of mentioning when a person came asking for recommendations. Either way, I believe the PowerCore speed is a better product in nearly every way.

I share your frustrations however, when someone waltzes onto the forums for the first time and yells at the community/anker for an unavailable product. Or an experienced person getting up in arms over that, or doomsaying, etc. That isn’t me. :stuck_out_tongue:Cheers!

Please note that the “Speed” has an USB-C-pd in- and output.
If the iphones and the ipad are compatible to this USB-C-pd standard you might use this one. But check first, if this works properly with your devices.
(ask ANKER and the buddies)

You need a charger with USB-C-pd output recharging the power bank via USB-C-pd -> USB-C-pd (5 hrs) otherwise the Speed has no speed in recharging (20 hrs via USB -> USB-C-pd))

Hi @Kieran_Chong,

Thank you for bringing this issue to our attention via the community. We appreciate the help from all of you as well@elmo41683 @nigelhealy @thetonyclay @fhassm @joshuad11

All these Apple devices listed in your message(iPhone 6, iPhone 6s and iPad Air) take the advantage of the fasting charging with Anker’s exclusive Power IQ charging agreement. Both of the PowerCore Speed 20000nAh QC3.0 and PowerCore Elite 20000mAh support the Power IQ charging agreement. So you can use either of them to charge your Apple devices. However, I would like to provide you with some differences for your better choice.

The PowerCore Elite 20000mAh only supports the Power IQ charging agreement but it has two input ports which can be charged in around 6 hours with two charging input ports.

The PowerCore Speed 20000mAh QC3.0 model supports both of the Power IQ and the Qualcomm Quick Charge charging agreements. However, it only supports the fast charging on output. To charge itself up, it will take around 9-10 hours. But it can fast charge both of your Apple devices or Qualcomm Quick Charge devices such as Galaxy phones if you will have in some day:)

Both of these two batteries are not discontinued. The PowerCore Elite 20000 is just out of stock at this moment. We are still having the replenishment schedule for it.

The USB-C PD model in “Speed” battery that fhassm mentioned is another different model which is named PowerCore Speed 20000 PD. It supports the Power Delivery which is mainly for MacBook or MacBook Pro USB-C devices.

At last, just a friendly reminder that you’d better check the warranty policy before the purchase if you are going to order it from your local store as our warranty only covers the purchase from Anker and some of the authorized retailers. Thanks for all you support again.


Firstly I would like to thank all of you who have contributed suggestions to help me make an informed choice. With so many products available now I am reall grateful to have the community’s wisdom.
I will ignore the fact the Speed 20000 has QC3.0 as I am primarily using Apple phones and tablet.
From what has been said so far, the idea of having an extra output and faster recharge due to the extra input on the Elite 20000 does appeal.
I think worth noting is the fact someone suggested the Speed has much newer and more efficient technology, making it a superior product. Is there some truth to this considering my needs for the PowerCore?
Lastly I wonder if someone could advise me on the difference in size and weight between the Speed and the Elite 20000 and whether this is significant?
For reference, here are the links to my local supplier so you know the exact models I’m looking at. As you’ll see the prices are comparable between the two models (although they are listed in Australian dollars, not US).

No, the Speed does not use drastically different technologies (in fact the Elite is newer).

The weight difference should not play a factor as they are within a few percent of each other.

I cannot speak to the store you’re buying it from though as I’m not familiar. Perhaps @AnkerOfficial or @AnkerSupport could kindly check the links you provided to make sure the product would be covered under their 18 month warranty.

I can tell you the size and weight of the Speed (PD):
weight: 372 grams (13,13 oz) , length : 17cm (6,7") , width : 6,5cm (2,6")
Checked by myself! :wink: