Powercore speed 20000 and PD wall charger Meter test

Well, folks, I got a new meter! First test: powerport Speed PD and PD wall charger.


First of all, the test device is an asus flip c302 chromebook with USB C power delivery. The wall charger in this bundle measured 24.3w, edging up toward the 30w advertised speed:

It’s probably a result of the computer’s uptake speed rather than the charger itself. I’ll investigate that in future posts.

Next up, the powerbank. About the same speed, except the powerbank appears to stop solid at 15v, replacing the rest of the 23.55w with amperage. Again, I think this product could push more than that, I’m going to confirm in later tests. stay tuned.

Next, we have a Moto Z2 Force Edition, pulling a respectable 16.27w from the wall charger:

And 15.38w from the power bank:

Verdict: both parts of this bundle are capable of providing PD in the mid-20w range. I suspect I can find a device that will pull the full 30w, will update this post in comments when I have time for further testing.

Thanks for reading!


Nice! Thanks for sharing this with us!

That’s a swish looking meter! Can I ask where you got it from please? :slight_smile:


There are a few very similar looking meters on Amazon, one of which I ordered and is taking two months to deliver :rolling_eyes: This one delivers through prime though :slight_smile:


That’s a pretty cool meter. :slight_smile:

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Mines taking a long time to get here,. Was suppose to be here a few days ago but Amazon screwed up so they reshipped it.

So weird you guys are having issues with Amazon delivering your products. I’ve ordered a bunch of stuff and never had any issues. I’m in the US though

I think we’re both in us as well. I went for a cheaper product ($13 instead of $16) and apparently China post is taking it’s sweet time with the cheaper one.

I’d recommend shooting an email to Amazon support

I’m all set, they already reshipped it. Just gotta wait for it to arrive

Neat! I recently picked up a similar meter, and had fun testing all the USB ports in my house.

(Hint: Apple’s 1A wall charger cannot supply 2 Amps. Trying to pull 2 Amps from it will often result in the ominous “blue smoke, sparks, tripped breaker, and lots of cursing” result.

Do people commend any meter I’m thinking about picking one up but don’t want it to be a bad one. Also great review test man keep up the good work

Very cool meter, @ryandhazen… I’m jealous! And thanks for sharing your review!

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I see it mentions USB Power Delivery but the images do not show a mode which shows all PD modes available, unlike this one I just now noticed

USB PD is a zoo of incompatabilities so I’m eager to test each as I get them. I only have one USB PD product a Lenovo laptop and only one USB charger the Powerport 5 PD and they didn’t get along, a meter would help me learn why. My hope is to consolidate further down in size the zoo of chargers and cables.

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