PowerCore Speed 10000mAH w QC 3.0 is OK for iPhone 8 plus?

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I’ve just bought a Anker PowerCore Speed 10000mAH w Qualcomm QC 3.0 and I want to use it for my iPhone 8 Plus. I don’t know that this product is compatible with my phone or not. Because I’ve tried to charge it (w the original lightning cable) and the phone was a little bit hot.

But the weird thing is that my phone is charged really fast (60% within 45 min of charge). yes I know PowerCOre Speed has QC 3.0 but I’m not sure this technology is compatible with new iPhone. One more thing, Apple pointed out that we do need a cable USB-C to Lightning and specific charger to activate quick charge. So right now i’m so confused about that. Should I continue to use it or buy others products of Anker (maybe PowerCore + ° to be more compatible ? Does PowerCore SPeed have IQ technology (to modify automatically output capacity for every device connected to the battery) ?

Thank you.

Okay, before I begin, I’d like to just point out that you are not alone as to the confusion surrounding Apple and their “fast charging” capability.

Apple does not use Qualcomm’s Quick Charge (QC) method to fast charge their phone. Despite the iPhone 7 having this chip inside their phone, Apple did not enable this feature probably due to the fact that they would have to pay licensing fee to Qualcomm, which they did not want to do. Plus, they are suing each other as we speak.

Now, back to your question. the IQ technology from Anker’s power banks will indeed charge your phone faster than you are used to, because iphone ships with a very crappy wall plug that should be a sin to be in a box in 2017.

Unfortunately, iPhones will not be able to take advantage of the Q.C. 3.0 technology.

To “Fast Charge” your iphone, you would need to purchase their USB-C power brick (29W will do) and since it does not come with a USB-C to Lightning cable, you would need to purchase this as well. Your total spending will be around $70-80. If you have the 2017 MacBook Pro, you will only need the USB-C to Lightning cable.

Also, fun fact: I have been referring to iPhone’s Fast Charge as “Fast Charge” because it was shown that iPhone 7 and 7 Plus was able to charge just as fast or faster than the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus when charged with USB-C power brick. This means this so called Fast Charge was available to iPhone 7 all this time, and there was nothing really added to the new iPhones to make this possible. Not really surprising as Apple didnt really show off or elaborate on this so called Fast Charge they put on their spec sheet.

Hope this helped!

Hi hunho.lee10,

Thank you for your excellent answer and clear explanation. OK now I understand the “Apple-QC situation” part and IQ Tech. And also yes, you are right about that crappy wall plug that shouldn’t be in the box for a flagship of this year.

But I didnt know “Fast Charge” is available to iP 7/7+. I just thought if you plug a charger > or = 29W to those phone, it will damage those batteries even if it charges very fast. Back to my problem, ouput capacity of my power bank is “5-8 V = 3 A ; 8-10 V = 2.4A ; 10-12 V = 2A” so I dont really know is that OK for my phone and there will be no damage on its battery if I charge it ? and which cable should i use to optimize power banks capabilities ? Sorry for this silly question, I’m not a professional on this field and when I compare w the output cap. of the apple-plug-original (with 5V = 1A) , I’m afraid that the phone may be “explode”, specially it was hot when I charge w the power banks.

Once again, thank you about that

Looking into this a bit further, it seems as though some early versions of the PowerCore Speed 10000 did NOT incorporate Anker’s PIQ charging technology, which seems a tad strange. We can infer this because the current available model says Upgraded with Power IQ.

@hunho.lee10 is correct. Currently, the only Anker power bank capable of “fast charging” your iPhone 8 is the PowerCore+ 26800 PD. However, I honestly would not recommend it, as there newer, smaller, versions coming soon.

Hope this helps!


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I came across this while I was browsing the specs on the new iPhone and I was shocked as well.

Tested it in the office with the iPhone 7 Plus that was lying around and sure enough, I was able to juice up around 45-50% in 30 minutes and fully juice up in about 1hr 50 minutes ~ 2 hours.


Also would like to mention that most videos seems to be testing the Fast Charge compared to other fast charge/quick charge or comparing it to the standard iPhone charge brick, but this video was unique in that it compared the 7 plus and 8 plus using USB-C to lightning…I thought it might be interested and I came out shocked

I’m sorry I don’t get it ?? I bought PowerCore Speed 10000 through Amazon in France and it shows that it has PowerIQ ? They are lying about that ? Please tell me how can I verify my power bank ?

Thank you :slight_smile:

Yeah, that’s crazy!

Now I’m curious about iPhone 6!

To be honest, I’m really not sure what to tell you. I have never seen this issue with other Anker power banks. Perhaps @AnkerOfficial or @AnkerSupport can clear up the confusion about the version without PIQ.

From the product link you sent me, I believe your product does have IQ. Anker would not lie about it, it would be illegal :smiley:

As far as your charge speed goes, it seems like it is charging really fast so that is good.

In terms of the temperature, I would only be worried if it were to get hot enough that a reasonable person would feel uncomfortable holding it for longer than 2 seconds. Generally the phone will get warm especially for the first 50% of the charge, as the phone will pull in as much power as possible to charge as fast as possible as the phone will allow. After 50%, the phone should start to slow down its charging time and then the time until 100% usually varies between phones due to reasons such as total mAh difference for their batteries, etc.

In my opinion, I think you are experiencing a power bank that is working as intended and should be happy about your purchase :slight_smile:

If you have any concerns however, feel free to reach out to their support.

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Alright then :smile: I think I bought a lot of crappy power banks so now I do experience perfectly a real one :innocent:. But to be honest, if the new iPhone was not so expensive, I wouldn’t have to be so worried about it. It costs me a same price w an iPhone X in US :anguished: :rage: oh god :frowning:


That video is a joke. I don’t understand why people quoted it in a serious hardware discussion. If you want to find the truth, do it yourself or find a reputable website. This is one example iPhone 8 Plus impresses in first fast charging tests - watch them here

Like I said, everyone is testing the difference between the standard wall plug out of the box and the USB-C wall brick, which is obviously not gonna be a fair test.

This video was the only one of its kind that decided to use the same source of the charger and compare it with the 7 plus and 8 plus to see if it was the charger that was doing the work or if Apple has actually put a new piece of hardware/software to assist with the Fast Charging process. I was shocked to find this and I tested this with my iPhone 7 Plus for that exact reason. Sure enough, I am getting “Fast Charge” speed on the iPhone 7 Plus. ’

If you could please find a source comparing the difference between the iPhone 7 and the iPhone 8 series’ charge times using the same 29W USB-C power adapter, please provide me a link. I would love to see the varying sources for this test.

@Arion: QC3 is a Qualcomm propriety technology. Devices with Qualcomm chip will support it (androids devices and others…). Apple iPhone 8 and 8plus charging follows USB PD technology, which is different from QC3, and they don’t support QC3.

Your powercore speed, I believe have the IQ Anker technology. It will charge the iPhone8, 8plus normally at regular speed (similar to iphone7, 7plus). Because the PowerCoreSpeed doesn’t support USB PD, your iphone 8 will not be able to use it. However, It will charge the iphone8 just fine. I don’t believe Anker has portable battery packs supporting USB PD yet.

I feel your pain! The phones these days are getting quite expensive. :slight_smile:

Rest assured though, the Anker brand is king when it comes to portable battery banks. Very reputable and high quality.

Anker has a PD power bank, it’s just that it is only available in the 26800 capacity currently.

The PowerCore 26800+ USB-C with PD is the one as @joshuad11 mentioned above.

Hopefully we get a lower capacity PD power banks soon though!

you are right on this 26800+ USB-C with PD, that one will charge iphone8 well

Thank you for all answers, those helped me a lot. :slight_smile:

10k and 20k coming before end of year.

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If you are interested in PowerCore+ 26800 PD, feel free to check out my video review here!

I will definitely be reviewing at least one of the lower capacity PD power banks whenever they are released, too! @hunho.lee10

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