PowerCore Slim 10k PD 18/20W review

Note: I received the 18w model, and NOT the 20w model.

This special USD$30 gadget arrived in a typical Anker box, with the usual happy card and how-to guide, as well as the PowerCore (I will be referring to this as the Slim) and a ~0.5m e-marker USB-C to C cable to charge it. The Slim does not come with a Type-C charger, however; you may need to buy one of those first. And to make sure this does not get too long, I will list helpful info about it.


  • Slim
  • Rugged
  • USB-C PD output and input @ 18/20w (uses the same port)
  • USB-A output
  • Trickle charging for wearables (activate by double-pressing the button)
  • ~10 Ah battery (~10,000 mAh battery)
  • Very light
  • Does not need to be recharged a lot
  • Accepts 18/20w PD recharging
  • Takes 3.5 hours to recharge with PD


  • No water/dust protection
  • USB ports cannot be covered
  • 18/20w PD and 12w USB-A max output
  • No pass-though charging
  • USB PD port used for recharging
  • Takes 3.5 hours to recharge with PD
  • No Type-C charger included


The Slim (1) using normal charging (2) and trickle charging (3)

Ports on the Slim (Ignore my hand please)

The Anker Nano vs the Slim

The e-marker cord and Slim

Buy if…

  • You need portable phone charge
  • You need a faster charge on the go
  • You want to be free from outlets
  • You have a Type-C charger (like the Nano)
  • You cannot recharge it often

Don’t buy if…

  • You don’t have a Type-C charger
  • You need a life-proof power bank
  • You need to charge a Dash/Warp/VOOC charge phone or a laptop on the go

And that is all. Happy day to you!


Nice review and pics! Q👌

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You are doing a great job on the reviews :clap:

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Wow didn’t realize this was available in the white colorway.

Another well put review and photos.

And welcome to the community :wink:

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Update: I lost the PowerCore, rest in peace…
Another Update: It’s back :slight_smile:

Sorry to hear that @foreverxml

Are you going to get the same model again or change to another version?

Actually, I just got it back… :slight_smile: