Powercore Slim 1000PD USBC Charger for iphone 11 Pro?

Would be nice if Anker made something in the middle between 10k or 20k like 13k or 15K PD usbc charger like its competitors.
My question is How many full charge, my iphone 11 Pro would get with this Powercore slim 1000 PD charger?


Anker does offer a 13400 mAh version. It was designed specifically for the Nintendo Switch, but works great with other devices!

You can expect about two full charges for iPhone 11 Pro from PowerCore Slim 10000 PD.

Hope this helps!

That is not PD

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It most certainly is, but okay.


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My question was about 10K to 15K PD power charger from anker.

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It says Power Delivery right here. It’s 13400mah (13k)

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Fine, your loss.

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Keeps asking the same question 6 weeks now

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Walks like a troll, smells like a troll…

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You asked this question before.

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Now when you ask the same question and told the same answer you then disagree?


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My bad I didn’t realize the ones you guys mentioned is PD charger. I am buying a 10000mAh usbc PD charger from Anker. They have many such as the slim, redux and couple more. Which one is the best 10000 mAh PD charger from Anker you guys recommend? Thanks

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PowerCore Slim 10000 PD, but hurry because it’s currently on sale for just $21.99 with code H88DOIYG.

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Our friend @Insider has replied above on a product with a discount code.

For your use case I would recommend buying quantity 2. You described travel and 2 phones and seeking capacity around 15Ah. You can of course just buy 1 and see how it goes.

If you do go with one or two 18W PD Powercore, you will need to focus on your chargers and cables to make a complete system.

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Discount aside , which one is better the slim or the redux ? Both are same 10K mAh PD charger . Thanks

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They share identical specs.

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oh, someone here I think said the redux one is better.I will try both the slim and redux. Would be nice if anker makes 2 USBC PD port power charger. ONly matter of time

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I believe the Redux is a bit lighter.

Nope. What was said is the 10000 PD non-slim non-Redux is better as it is 28W output. The 10000 PD Redux is just different shape cells than the 10000 PD Slim.

They have to invent intelligence first. The issue until they invent that is that they necessarily make each port slower and lose peak power bragging rights. Intelligence is when you power is distributed based on need on a priority port basis. They can make it, they just haven’t yet.

Don’t hold your breath, they are glacial in innovation.

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