PowerCore Slim 10000 time out

Anybody using the PowerCore Slim 10000 as just a general power bank and not to recharge their telephone? Have you figured out how to keep the PowerCore Slim from timing out after a minute or two? I’m thinking that if the device doesn’t sense a load for a few minutes it goes into a sleep mode, and would like to figure out how to prevent that.

Thank you,

Does it have trickle mode?

If you press and hold or double press the power button does blue light turn green? If so then it keeps itself on for longer.

Thank you for that suggestion. I tried holding and double pressing the button. A double press gets me the green light, and I think it does keep the PowerCore Slim 10000 on a little longer - maybe 1 hour instead of 30 minutes. But I need the USB battery pack to be on even longer.

I am powering a DSLR camera from the higher current USB-C output and I need it to be able to do that for several days if possible. Through a DC-to-DC USB output device on the USB-A output, I have a 1kohm resistor and LED. I estimate the power there to be about 0.1W, and that has kept the PowerCore Slim on for two days now. I might only have a few more hours left on the USB battery pack though.

Surely I could come up with sexier ways to keep the power output stable, but I thought I would share this option for anybody with the same challenge.

Does it have two ports? Put something in 2nd port with a small load, it will keep the power, but drain faster.