Powercore Slim 10000 PD - how charge iPhone 6s / iPad Mini 4?

Hi - Got Powercore Slim 10000 PD which charges Samsung Galaxy A 10.1 tab fine (use cable from Samsung charger plug, putting USB end into USB socket in Powercore).

However if I take the cable from my iPad Mini 4 / iPhone 6s , put USB end into USB socket in Powercore, and Lightning end into the Apple device…

… no charging at all, i.e. the Apple device shows no charging indicator.

Any ideas? Thanks

p.s. Anker - you need to make your instructions clearer, not juar save paper by making the microscopic and with no text. Or at least put better instructions up on the website (which is not maintained properly - no instructions available to download for Powercore Slim 10000 PD and other models as well).

While I don’t believe it is required, do you get any charging reaction for the connected iPhone if you press the round function button?

Hey @jann Welcome to the community, hopefully see you around in the threads!

Another thing to try is plugging in while the phone is unlocked.
When my sis connects her iPhone 5 to a device other than a dedicated charger the phone display asks for permission as such to give the device access - just a though!

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Hi - shall try that if below solution fails, thanks - so far have only pressed the round button to start trickle charge on small items (get green light)

Hi, thanks for the welcome. Tried unlocking the 6s with the same setup for charging from the Anker, and it now does show the charging indicator where the %battery is top right hand corner.
I’ll post back if that fails (will be interesting to see what happens when the iPhone auto-locks itself…) or if the ‘unlock before charging’ routine for the iPad.
All a bit strange, given the iPhone and iPad charge fine when locked using the same cable but with a genuine Apple adaptor at the other end. Either some electronic signal from the adaptor, or maybe a difference in voltage etc.??

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Hey @jann that’s great, fingers crossed it’s problem solved :crossed_fingers:t3:

Reporting back - using Apple charger cable on USB port of Powercore, iPhone 6s now definitely charged, and - oddly enough - iPad Mini 4 is charging, without the need to ‘unlock’ first.
Given I can’t make head nor tail of the tiny icon based instruction leaflet, any ideas what the various button actions are for?
I do understand the ‘press twice - green light on - trickle charge via USB output starts’ thang, but opinion seems varied on what pressing the button once does, or if it is needed…

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Great news things are going well.
As for the button, other than trickle mode and pressing it when in standby to check battery level, it doesn’t do any more than that!!

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Such a big button, such little effect… thanks, that mystery now solved!


You’re welcome.
As a new member you may not be aware you can mark comment that helped solve a problem.
Click on the 3 dots on the comment that gave the solution and click the box that says Solved.
It also gains the person a few extra points too!

Will do - not an obvious link, Anker really need to sort their comms what with the failure to upload all their manuals…!

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Hey @jann
The main thing is you’re sorted :+1:t2:
Instructions often come up as a topic of conversation. It seems to be the way with some manufactures.
But you know, there are so many members here with a great depth of knowledge the answer is always here somewhere.
It’s what brought me here and a few months down the line I still drop in a couple of times each day for a chat and to share and gain knowledge.
Hang around and drop in regularly. As well as the chat, which isn’t always technical, there are some great giveaways and testing opportunities.