PowerCore Select 20000mah

Dear Admin ,

I have PowerCore Select 20000mah…
I charged the PowerCore Select 20000mah and the LEDs one by one. After 7 hours I charged the power bank this LED light on the Power Bank was all on … and no 1 LED was flashing …
is my PowerCore PowerBank fully charged or not? …
because i read this in the handbook…then the Power Bank is fully charged…LED will stop flashing and the LED will turn off…but my Power Bank LED still lights up after 7 hours on the charge …
ask me to explain why my LED Power Bank is on and off automatically.

Thank you

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Tell us more about the type of charger you are using, please!

Hey @Vyperwan93
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All lights on means fully charged :+1:t2:

Im using Qualcomm Quick Charger 3.0 (DC 6.6 - 9V ,2A) …

I have a read manual book…when power bank already fully charged…LED indicator will stop blinking & off atomatically…why LED indicator still on?

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Hi @Vyperwan93
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Indeed the book does, i find the lights stay on mine for hours after its fully charged, so i think you’re fine.