PowerCore Mini

Bought this for use in, shocker, the shower.

I read a lot of the reviews first and I found them to be very helpful. I have to agree with others. The manual such as it is, is largely useless. But the comments from the reviewers were all that I needed.

I have remembered to power it off every time when I am getting out. So far the very first charge has held up for several weeks of 20-30 minute showers. So the battery life IF YOU REMEMBER to turn it all the way off is actually really good.

The sound quality is just fine. Honestly there is enough noise from the water flow in the shower that anything small amount of loss in quality is fully masked.

The volume gets more than loud enough. As others have mentioned there is a control on the speaker itself. So I have gotten in the habit of turning up the volume on the source device completely and then controlling the actual volume level from the speaker itself. This works very well. When both the player is at max and the speaker is as well it is honestly too loud. Which is really nice. So much better to be able to turn it down to what you want then to be annoyed that you can’t turn it up far enough.

I have it mounted on the side wall of the shower, so it gets some splash effect but no direct water. As I said after several weeks of constant use it works great.

There has been a few things I would love to see added to this. The only one worth mentioning is that the controls are very rudimentary when watching a movie. It has a next and previous button that jump to other movies/shows. I would love a button press (single or combination) that performed fast-forward and rewind within the same playing show. If it had that it would be truly awesome. So if anyone else has discovered one do let me know.

I would highly recommend this little speaker for ease of paring, sound quality, overall volume, how well it sticks to the wall, etc. Except for a FF and RW option I couldn’t ask for more.

This is a little pricy but worth spending because it is very durable