PowerCore+ Mini 3350 ----- REVIEW

Daaaayyy onne (think Gordie accent!)

The package arrived and it survived the postman! Our letter box slot isn’t the biggest and to improve things it has a angled cover on the inside (a security feature we’re told… They can’t get their hand up in side to undo the locks).

Well, he huffed and he puffed and he rammed that MF through my slot!

I haven’t used as yet, as not needed to, but let me tell ya more.

I opened the Amazon Aleve it came in and out popped a little ANKER box. First impressions… Nice

I opened the box and saw my little Powerbank neatly n quietly wrapped up. I ripped the wrapper off to have a look. WOW, you look giod. Loved the little sticker telling me to, push the button to charge.

Inside the box, was another even tinier box, with a nice carry net and a micro-usb lead.

Also, were 2 bits of paper, a HAPPY/SAD leaflet,explaining that depending on my ‘emotion’ of thrmproduct, what I could do… Sing praises or email/ring to get advice.

The other was a pictorial showing how to use the Powerbank.

So far, that’s as far as I’ve gotten.

Page 2 to come, when ive used little Berta!


Looks like after FOUR HOURS in AnE (emergency room for my USA peoples) , I’m gonna need to use my POWERCORE+ MINI 3350

I’ve had to return due to the wound opening up and bleeding.

Ironically I’m being g delayed cos a nurse went home sick, stopping the nurse (who was going to take me to my ward ) from taking me to the ward!

I hope all will be well with your health. But if there is a silver lining, at least you get to play with your new gadget!

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I love how you explained your experience with the mail arriving and the opening of the box. Really kept me reading. However, sorry about the wound opening up. Hope everything works out for you!

I can feel your joy when receiving and opening the box :grin:

Hope everything is well with you.

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I will write my fully soon but… I recharged my handset from 25% to 75% in 30 mins while using my handset olti try to stop the boredom.

I was due to have a repair operation today (23/01/2018) to repair the damage caused by the 1st op not being finished properly.

I got into Hospital at 9am today (woke at 5am to get there) to be told at 12pm, that were too busy, come back tomorrow.

So I’m on the bus, still very sore n bleeding from the opened operation site (which what they were going to restitch n have a new.look in case they missed any infectious tissue (although some tissue ihas necropsy). Got to do it all again tom. Still have cannula in, but will remove myself when home.


I hope you get well soon, we will wait for you to come back.:innocent:

Well it’s 07:30 and I’m back at the hospital, see how.much I have to wait or.grt messed about again.

Due.to yesterday’s farse, I now have a 3 inch gaping hole that’s making a mess!

Thanks for all the well wishes

Get better my friend, your health first. The review can wait

Ok, hopefully final update on the operation.

I finally had the corrective surgery today (should’ve been yesterday) to correct what they didn’t quite do right last week.

I now need a nurse out every other day to change the dressing and pack the wound (2 foot of surgical tape pushed inside the wound, so that it heals slowly from the inside out).

As a bloke, I’m proud of the scar potential (3 inch round hole)! lol

Will have follow up meetings with the specialist to see if potential future recorances could be stopped.