PowerCore Metro Essential 20000

I will be in Scotland, will I be able to charge this Bank with the PowerPort PD2? I know I must have an a adapter plug. Would I need an inverter? Thanks

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yes, you will be able to charge the powercore metro essential with PowerPort PD2 via the USB-C cable.

And Yes, you need a power converter or a transformer, else the Powerport PD2 charger (believe you are from US) which is meant for 120v may get damaged / have dangerous outcome. Also the frequency is different so you may want to limit the usage of charging to 2-3 hours at a time.

Power converters / inverters / transformers are NOT needed as per responses from below thread. Only Power Plug Adapter.

Europe (incl. Scotland) is 220/230 Volt USA is 120 Volt
So be careful!

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Hi @ottovongrimm
Check the details on the bottom of the product but you should be fine to use the product only needing a plug adaptor to change a 2 pin plug into a 3 pin plug to fiy in the socket.
I recall reading an Anker release mentioning their products are fine crossing between 110v and 240, and the two products i have to hand confirm this.

Happy travels, Scotland is an amazing place.


Right Paul, there are some models can be used with 120 or 230 Volt.
So only a simple adapter is needed.
And there are some models were different adapters are included.


All Anker chargers are multivoltage and work in every country and you do not need an inverter. The way to know is (often using a magnifying glass!) it says 110V-240V and 50-60Hz. It is rare to need inverters for low power devices now as its simply not economic to make country-specific electronics. Inverters are typically needed for high power items like hair dryers.

You only need a UK plug adapter.

While you did not ask, don’t expect an extension cord to work from USA as most extension cords are polarized while most US to UK plug adapters are not polarized, so you have to plug in your charger directly to adapter to wall. There is a chance of the assembly falling out so you have 2 orientations for which way up the charger is in the adapter.

So you’ll need an adapter for each charger.

I don’t own a US Anker Powerport 2 but I own plenty of other Anker US chargers and photos to illustrate:

Some orientations are more stable than others, try both and if both are prone to falling out, consider placement of something under to prop it.

This last one shows the most stable for this specific combination

If you do expect to travel frequently, the most consistently reliable method is to buy one of the corded chargers (e.g. Powerport 5) and either a plug adapter as the cable is less heavy than is a charger, or (best) a local country cord . Anker uses the C7 very common socket on their corded chargers


Great answers!!

Had written the first response based exactly on my first experience using charger (non-Anker) back in 2012.

I should have simply checked the power ratings on PowerPort Atom 4 PD… A bit lazy on my side. :expressionless:

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