PowerCore Metro Essential 20000 Pd

I bought my son a PowerCore Metro Essential 20000 Pd and the recharge is slow, so I recently ordered a 60w wall charger with a pd usb c port to charge it but when trying to Charge with Usb c to usb c pd port on portable charger it doesn’t charge but when I use a Usb a (from wall charger) to c (Portable charger) it works but really slow. My son sometimes forgets to charge his charger and needs it for fishing trips.

Please test it with another PD wall charger, such as an Apple 18W/61W/87W USB-C wall charger or Nintendo Switch wall charger, and C-C cable. If the problem remains, please contact Anker Customer Support to process a warranty claim.

Thanks it might be the wall charger I bought. I just bought an Anker wire from Walmart and tested it. Which Anker wall charger would work best for the Portable charger? Using a 10w ipad charger using a usb a - c charging wire takes forever and my son always forgets to charge it.