PowerCore Magnetic 5K - Do Not Purchase

Just received my magnetic battery for my iPhone 12 Mini with an Apple official MagSafe case. The battery has zero holding power when placed on the case. Makes the phone unusable in any fashion other than if sitting flat on a table to charge. I also tried it without the case, and the result was the same. Almost zero holding power and that was negated by the slick/slippery back of the phone. I’m returning the unit.

Sounds like a big flaw if true

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OK. I made a bad error and apologize to the Anker people. The PowerCore Magnetic 5k works as advertised – IF you orient it correctly on the back of the iPhone. If it’s not oriented correctly, the magnets don’t hold at all.

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Glad to hear it’s working! I have this power bank, too, and I’m actually surprised how strong the magnet is on my iPhone 12 Pro Max.