PowerCore Lite 10000 Mah/Micro USB to USB-C adapter Review/s

I just received my PC Lite 10000mah external battery the other day. First thing I noticed is that even though it a “big” battery the device itself is very light weight. It’s built soild even though it doesn’t feel it. 2 inputs for charging it, 1 Micro Usb and 1 Usb-C. I don’t have Usb-c cables so I’ve been using the other to recharge it. It does charge pretty fast, just make sure when you receive it you charge it for awhile, I had to. There is 1 output Usb, PowerQi enabled, which means it will detect you device and charge it as fast as it can. In the package is a usb cable, the device and a nice little pouch to keep it all in! It charges my iPhone very fast and can charge it to full at least 3 times before needing recharged. There is a button on the top by the input ports that turns it on, one click and it will show you the battery status, possible total of 4 blue dots. 2 clicks and the bottom light turns green, that means it’s charging. I highly recommend this charger. It’s incredibly Lite weight for the amount of power it holds. It charges every device I have very fast. My phone to full in 20 minutes or less! The pouch is an added bonus to help you keep your things together.
Also attached is the USB-C adapter I just received today, 4 pack, Micro-USB-c. These adapters are little, perfect size, the female end fits any micro USB and converts it into USB-C, which I thought I would add to this review instead of making a whole new post because it actually goes along with the PClite. As @fhassm said, the PCLite does NOT have a USB-c output, but it does have an input and I wanted to try it. I can tell that it is charging faster now, even tho it is running through an Anker Micro USB cable, in C adapter apparently DOES make a difference. I will be updating this thread when I receive my wall charger with USB-C output!


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I got the same recently.

There is a huge deficit I see:
The pb has an USB-C-input BUT NO USB-C-output. :angry:

And why only the upper part of the pb has this handy surface.
This surface is quite perfect I would like to see this on all ANKER pbs.

Regarding the button and the “green light” (pressing it twice):
If you switch the pb to this “green-light”-mode you can charge bluetooth earbuds and smartwatches, as those don’t suck enough energy in the normal mode.
This is called “trickle charging”.
(I haven’t done lacking of such devices, but the tiny “sly book” says :grin: )

Here is a more detailed foto of that surface.
Really a comfortable haptic.


thank u . by the way, which iphone and how many mah?

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Me. iPhone 8. The battery is 10000mah. Is that what you meant?

They sell usb-c cables that aren’t usb-c on both sides. By the way. Yea I thought the same for people who use usb-c, but since I don’t I bought this one. I think they have another similar one that DOES usb-c out.

Yes you are right about the charging. One click is slow charging. 2 is powerqi. In my mind I don’t know why people wouldn’t use the PowerQi option. But yea I was trying to charge my smart watch and you NEED to have it on pQI or it won’t charge.

i mean the phones battery capacety

1821 MAH iPhone 8

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I said it’s at least 4 times. But if you do the math, assuming it works the same just by division. It SHOULD do it 5.4 times. I’ll put that to the test

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yes but the cable lenght and so on is important too, i have read that u cant use the full capacety of 10.000mah but ca 10% less… but i think my s9+ should be charged 2 times, right? (3500mah)

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Yes I’ve heard that cable that CAN be a factor but it also depends on the quality of the cable. I have a 6ft Anker iPhone cable and it works fine. Charges my phone faster than any other. Definitely check the quality of the cable before buying or just buy Anker, always the best. Doing the math it should yours from empty to full 2.876 times. @AnkerOfficial. Would you like to weigh in here??

Cable lengths can factor in to charge times and variances with the voltage, but this is why Anker introduced voltage regulations as it compensates for voltage loss/variances

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Looks very slim! :smile_cat:

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Really it is.

But as I mentioned:
Why not a USB-C output?
And why not this very handy surface on BOTH sides of the pb ?

Otherwise the pb is really well designed.

You might forward this to your development departure :wink:


Nice overviews & pics @Chris_Renshaw & @fhassm

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Thanks for the duo-review

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nice review:wink:

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Thanks man! I really do try to give the best description possible, @fhassm thanks for the pics, for some reason I take terrible product pics. lol

You care more about the USB cvoutput than I do because I do not have one, that is a device that uses USB c. But I can see why that could be annoying and I’m sure there’s plenty of other anker chargers with that output and I know they have wall plugs that have that output as well. But thanks for the backup. I like that idea. Several people who may have just received the same doing one review but giving their own opinions.

Thanks man. I try to get y’all happy by letting everyone know the products I buy and how good or not they are, because others do the same.

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