Powercore Lite 10000 initial charging time

I received my new Powercore Lite 10000 yesterday 11/8 and plugged it in to charge at 5 pm, it had 1 power light indicator on. At 6 am this morning 11/9 there was still only 1 power lite flashing. Should this be after 13hrs? If so I don’t want it.

What kind of wall plug are you using to charge it? It is best to use a wall plug that can supply at least 5v 2.4a

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I’m using the same wall outlet and I use to charge everything else, Phone, bike lights, earphones etc. It is 5v and 1a. 13 hrs of no improvement in charging even with a 1a charger, shouldn’t it have charged?

Unfortunately even with just a 1amp charger it will take a long time to charge it. Have you unplugged it and pressed the power button to see how many lights light up? You cant always go by how many lights are flashing while its charging, I have 2 powerbanks that only flash 1 light and I have to unplug and press the power button to see how charged they are


Get yourself one of the Anker chargers and cables designed to handle charging the power bank. Those low wattage chargers are slow and the new higher wattage chargers will help charge other devices faster as well.

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Buy / use an Anker Powerport with 2.4A output, like a Powerport 2.

Use a quality cable. There is a small chance the cable you’re using is not working too well, even if its Anker, so try different quality cable.

After you eliminated slower charger, and eliminated potential dud cable, then email support@anker.com with serial number and they’ll sort you out with a warranty replacement assuming you got from Anker. The Anker advantage is that products tend to work right 1st time, if they don’t they do good customer support and warranty. I not had an Anker Powercore fail on me yet but there’s the small possibility.

I’d expect with good charger + cable and not a failed unit you’d be looking at 8 hours to recharge, I cannot find a recharge time online but I own the Powercore 10000 and from 1 light to full is about 8 hours.

Yes! both Element321 and nigelhealy are correct. You would be way better off getting an Anker USB charger such as this one… You will notice everything gets charged much faster.