PowerCore III Sense not charging some devices through USB C port

Hi everyone,

I have a PowerCore III Sense 10k and it’s awesome, but I’m finding an issue with the USB C charging. When I use the provided USB C cable (on both sides), it charges my OnePlus, but other devices like Skullcandy Ultra Push or speakers, it doesn’t seem to charge them. I have to connect them via the USB A port. I don’t really understand why this is happening. Any ideas? Am I missing something about USB C?

Not easy.
First idea I got, you should try different cables.

Use trickle charge mode. Press power button twice.


Those items that aren’t charging may not draw enough power for the the PowerCore to turn on. I have a USB portable light that does this. One of Anker and Non Branded USB-C power banks won’t charge them until I turn on the light or use the trickle charge feature on them.

If it still doesn’t work send an email to Anker support. They will help you sort things out.

Is it working now?

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