powercore iii fusion 5000

Hi, In cqse of loss or damage while travelling I want to buy an additional detachable plug ports (2 pin EU). Does anybody have a link or advice for purchasing this part?

to clarify; i am asking about the detachable 2 & 3 pin male adapters, not the whole unit :blush:

Try to contact the support, may be you will get some help there.

It’s possible this is a standard part across the few similar products.

As @Chiquinho said you can attempt to buy separately but I expect the answer to be negative.

So I’d look to solve the hypothetical issue by carrying a plug adapter, e.g. carry the EU and USA slide on pins, keep the EU pin permanently slide in, if hypothetically the EU pin got lost then slide the USA on and the USA to EU adapter.

Thank you, @Chiquinho @professor
Unfortunately the device came with a EU 2 pin only and my wife has already bent and so weakened one pin here in France. We work in the humanitarian sector and will soon travel home to Jordan, for sure it will break after more use and acquiring the part if at all possible will be difficult and expensive in Jordan. Sorry for the long back story!

Yes, I will ask support and report back.

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I wish you good luck, getting a replacement.