PowerCore III Elite 25600 87W

There was a rumored 100w 26800 version of this very powercore is this the rumored one scaled down or is that still in the works?

For reference:

Hmm I don’t remember hearing anything about it

This post here was talking about it a while back

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Thanks for the link, I’m guessing it’s still in the works. @Insider is pretty good when it comes to updating his threads so I’m guessing he hasn’t heard anything lately

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Guess I’m going to hold off a little longer then as this would be perfect for my gaming laptop

Definitely wait, I’ll make sure to remind you if I see any info posted

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Is this the highest watt Powercore. I have not seen one with 87 watts.

I’m not sure it’s that powerful? Reads as 60W max one port then the other ports add to get to 87W?

I posted the Amazon link in the sub text