PowerCore III 10K Wireless Review

Before we jump in, I wanted to say that I am very grateful that I had the privilege to test out PowerCore III 10K Wireless.
Thank you, @AnkerOfficial, and the great products that you continue to produce.

Here are a few things that I was able to gather in a few days with this battery bank (AKA portable charger).

Make no mistake, I do own quite a lot of battery bank. It is due to my professional line of work requiring to travel (or at least it used to) and part of me having desires to hoard tech. I try to justify the fact that I do review technology as a hobby on YouTube. But battery banks aren’t something I typically review or make the cut into the videos. With the terrible excuses aside, I learned what I want in battery banks as I have tried many in the past.

Here is the YouTube Video of the unboxing and brief testing:

As my setup has shifted due to work from home schedule, I needed to carry all of my computer peripherals and chargers for the few times that I am in the office. I now have plugged my phone’s USB-C charging port as I also have spread wireless chargers everywhere. (to prevent lint getting stuck in the port) and ALL the phones in the household now charge wirelessly. This meant that I need to unplug one of the chargers and carry with me, for the days I am working at the office. Those zoom calls on the phone really do eat up your battery.

Naturally, I have been eying on those battery banks that charge your phone wirelessly. To my surprise, this battery bank also has a feature that I don’t think it is possible with other types of battery banks: charging connected devices whilst charging itself. And this can also be done wirelessly for your phone.

So, connect your battery bank, leave your phone on top, it charges your phone and the battery bank.
Essentially, this is a normal wireless charger that holds some charge.
I did notice that if both are charging, the wireless charging isn’t ‘fast charging’. My Samsung S10e can charge very quickly even wirelessly. 0 to 70% in 30 min with fast charging. If the PowerCore III isn’t charging, it can juice the phone a lot quicker with ‘fast charging’. (great for those emergencies)

There are two ports included in the PowerCore III. Both can charge the connected devices quickly, whilst the USB-C port doubles as your charging port for the battery bank. Although, I would probably never use these to charge my device - only use it for charging the battery bank. Other notable things are the included carrying case and the simple led charging indicators.

One of the hidden features that I found useful was the included leg to prop your phone up. I never knew that I would need this until I had it. Although you can’t charge your phone wirelessly whilst propping your phone up, it is a very thoughtful feature.

I can now charge my phone by simply leaving my phone on top of PowerCore III. So easy to pick up the phone, use it, then leave it again. No need to fiddle with the cables all the time.

Hope you enjoyed this review!


Wow! thanks so much for your comprehensive review! Always love reading and watching your reviews!

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Can you show it alongside some other Anker powerbanks we may have for size comparison?
What is its weight? What is its dimensions?
Did you put it under a USB meter to measure output?
How fast did it recharge?

Confirm the rumour is false. You don’t need to press the power button ever? Did you need to press the power button for wireless to work?

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Good made review and well taken photos.

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Great review, @Josephkim626!

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It does seem a bit thicker than normal 10k powerbanks. similar to 15k.
It is narrower, though.

18mm x 68mm x 150mm.
Do not have a scale to measure.
Do not have a USB meter for measuring output.

You do need to press the button to activate the wireless charging.
When the charger is being charged, the wireless charging is activated automatically.
When the charger is just disconnected from the wall, the wireless charging will remain activated for a few moments.

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Thank you!

Now that is actually interesting. You could have the bank charging, and use it as a wireless charger at the same time - so one cable to the battery, wireless to the phone, both fully charged in the morning. That has more potential for me than actually using wireless on the go.

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Great review @Josephkim626
Interesting to see the phone in the holder attachment.

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Excellent review @Josephkim626

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Great review and I’ll check your youtube channel

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That’s actually what I wanted to say.
People have stated that wireless charging on the go can be a hassle as it can easily be out of whack in your pocket. I think it is a fair point. But I think this is a better use case scenario.

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So that makes some sense, it acts as per all wireless chargers when plugged in, otherwise you have to press the power button to wake it up so its not draining its own battery being always awake.

So this is materially wrong

Its not got a wire into it, so it automatically wireless charging does not happen.

I knew there was something not correct here.

This is why I think this concept will be succesfull as you just buy this as your wireless pad, you plug it in at home, and office, and move it between, so your phone is always charged if left on pad and if when moving you can use wired or wireless charging.

That means you only buy this… and two Nano chargers.

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That’s how imagined it working.

I’d like to see the full cycle of combinations tested to see what doesn’t work.

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Aukey (a different brand) actually had another battery bank with similar functionality of propping the phone up.

This one actually allows for it to be charged whilst it is propped.
However, I didn’t like it as much. The leg was rather flimsy but snaps on the back rather too firm!! I’ve flipped my nail a few times trying to pry the leg open. I just don’t snap it back in for that reason. But, I can easily see it snapping off if it gets caught inside the bag.
I found myself needing the phone propped up in portrait more so than horizontal. I can prop it in the portrait but does not charge the phone.

Whereas the Anker’s PowerCore III has a better-built leg(?) that’s a lot more sturdy and elegant :slight_smile:

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Great review and photos!! :ok_hand: nice job!! :clap:

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perhaps it is wrong on the reality level.
But I also never had seen a floating phone like that. :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks for the reply @Josephkim626
I’ll look forward to getting my hands on one.

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[Anker ≠ Aukey] = Awkward

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