Powercore II Slim 10000 taking forever to charge iPhone 8 Plus

I have just taken delivery of the above Powerbank purchased through your online link from Amazon UK.

I have fully charged the power bank and have been attempting to charge my iPhone 8 Plus with it.

However I am discovering that it is taking a very long time to charge the phone

20 minutes for 6% increase, surely this cannot be right? This is with the screen brightness down, in aeroplane mode and bluetooth disabled. All apps closed.

Going at that recharge rate it will take 5 hours to fully charge my phone from flat!!

It says on your website that it should charge a phone at the same speed as the apple charger if not quicker, this is certainly not the case and I am very disappointed.

I am using an original Apple cable from the Powerbank to my phone.

I would appreciate help in regards to this, thanks

Could it be the iPhone battery?

Have you compared it to a different battery pack??


I have been in contact with Anker explaining what the problem is together with various pictures. I tried charging my iPad and basically waited 11 minutes and nothing happened.
They got back to me this morning and said that the battery must be faulty and profusely apologised.
They are going to send out a replacement.
Fingers crossed