PowerCore II Slim 10,000

This is a very good battery, one of the best I've used. I will talk about the advantages and disadvantages. 

-Advantages have many I will only mention the most important ones.
-A light weight
-good design
-Good material
-very well thought
-Fast charge
-Load my cell phone fast

-High price

The high price is a joke the truth that quality is worth it. It has a great design! It is an elegant design and at the same time durable. It is a good idea to use soft plastic and hard plastic, a good part of hard plastic and a small part of soft plastic, it is not like it is attached, it will not go out even if you use it. These materials are very different the part of hard plastic is not like the others because it is more porous and does not scratch easily and the soft plastic part is a very good quality plastic is not soft or very hard. If you are thinking of buying your first battery I recommend this 100% will not fail you. Pd the plastic to close the bag, put a better spring now to use that plastic you have to do more pressure to lower it but feel the quality.Thanks you for reading!


Nice review! I love reading reviews on anker products! I love the pictures!

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Thanks !!!:smiley:

I bought this a year or two ago as well, I do like the design and charging speeds but have been meaning to update to something newer with a USB-C input/output

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I have had this for awhile and it is a damn durable product! I just upgraded to the 10000 with PD, aka a USB C Output, and I’m loving it. I still use the Slim, but the new one has 2 outputs one being the C the other is A with Qi. If you are looking for a good C output charger i recommend the 10000 PD, it doesn’t have a super large capcity so it isn’t as expensive as the ones that Anker had before. If you were to squish it, it would be the same size and the slim, in other words, it is small and compact, just not thin like the Slim. Hope you enjoy it! Nice Review!


Damn today I buy the Nintendo Switch Edition 20100 mAh. I like to buy that you have!

Nice review👍

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oh they changed it? It looks different from mine

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I don’t know put a photo pls

No I’m just an idiot, you posdted the Slim, I have the Lite…

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Ohh… thanks for coming!