PowerCore II not recharging

Anyone now how to fix this?
No charging any device and not recharging.

Try a reset by connecting input and output of the pb via cable.

I already try this. No signal. Have to hold power button for a long time?

(knowlingly reaching at straws)
Is this the dual input version? Try resetting via the other MicroB input, connected to A port and press hold power button.

Also try different cables. Typical cable failure rate is higher than Powercore failure rate.

Good luck. I have carefully looked after my Powercore and all of them seem to be getting to 4 years old and working like new. Unlike ZeroLemon, EasyAcc…

I try both input on all output ports, different cable, both at same time. Have any visual indicator that works/done right? Because stay the same.

It looks like a failed unit to me.


Email Anker support they may have a fix we don’t know. Exhausted ideas. Even if out of warranty they usually help, but if out of warranty obviously not a free replacement. Sometimes they do a discount code if slightly out of warranty as good will.


include all details, order details, serial number, what you tried so far.

I’ve always had good experience, but never made out-of-warranty claim.

They work Chinese hours and its a Friday so be patient til later on Monday.