PowerCore II Fast Charge iPhone?

Anker’s new PowerCore II 10000 and 20000 include “Fast Charge for iPhone” on the Amazon description, but is it really?

Apple says you have to use a USB-C cable. Has Anker figured out how to activate fast charging without this or is it simply a mistake? Perhaps it’s intended for the PowerCore+ II coming later this year…

If this is truly fast charging, it makes me excited!

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Fastcharge for iphone mean 12w i think because iphone X only support PD via lightning to usb c cable

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Don’t most of Anker’s PowerCores have fast or high speed charging in the listing title due to PowerIQ, just wording I believe? For true ‘fast charge’ on the new iPhones your looking at proprietary Apple goods all the way for the moment.

The wall charger does not need to be Apple branded. Anker’s PowerPort Speed 30 functions the same way.

The PowerCore+ 26800 should also have this capability.

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Fair point, although I was referring mainly to the USB-C charging cable (lack of coffee this morning, I wasn’t clear in my response :slight_smile:).

Yes the PowerCore+ 26800 probably has the capability but it’s output is lower than Apple’s official adapter (29w), so speed would be reduced (time could be negligible between the two though)

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So the PowerCore+ 26800 PD is 27W?



A 30W USB-C output

fully charge in just over 4 hours

Compare with say the 26800 dual input I own


a full charge takes just over 6 hours
5V ⎓ 4A (5V ⎓ 2A Max Per Port)

5V ⎓ 6A (5V ⎓ 3A Max Per Port)

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Ah, your meaning the 26800 PD. In that case yes, 30w output.


So what we really need is dual USB-C ports :heart_eyes:

Well for a phone, most phones currently cannot take more than 20W, which is why say OnePlus DASH is 20W and QC3 is 18W.

Then a larger Powercore it should be able to output 60W and input about 30W. Hence if it were dual output then two 30W concurrently, so like a iphone and a tablet. A 60W Powerport should be able to recharge a 30W input Powercore and 30W left for a phone / tablet (like iphone).

I am not interested in the iphone whatsoever, but I am very interested in a total package system of phone + tablet + powercore + charger + cables as small as possible.


Do you see a spot for 45W (like the rumored PowerCore+ II 20000) or should it go straight to 60?

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The newer USB-PD allows a fully flexible choice of current and ampage, the device and the charger negotiate, so you can do anything you want, it is really only limited by the heat of recharge, so Anker can build a prototype and measure it. Indeed, they could have a thermo regulator so that in say a cold location the recharge is faster. That regulator would increase cost, so a cheaper way is to measure it in the lab in a warm location and fix a safe upper limit.

A 3400mAh 4V 18650 has a safe standalone (able to cool itself with no other cells around it) at 12W input and 24W output. 8 such cells have thus 96W input and 192W output, these both reduced by the cells being packed together warming each other up. Only Anker would be able to prototype and measure and decide. Yes, 45W is perfectly possible, but its the heat. A metal jacket to dissipate heat, with a thermal compound inside would help. Metal is more expensive, thermal compound is an added cost. You willing to pay >$100 for a faster Powercore? I’m not!

With a more efficient IQ2 the other cause of heat from the DC-DC should be reduced, as well as the cost.

BTW IQ2 and USB-PD are perfectly possibly the same thing, as USB-PD is superior to QC3 and also why QC4 and essentially the same as USB-PD. So we have the cables USB 3.1, we have more efficient electronics, we have the fully flexible negotiations, all we need is the will from Anker to make it, followed by the will of the consumer to buy it.

What is the iphone 10 max recharge and what is it charging technology exactly?


We don’t know. Apple will never tell us.

But my guess is it’s about 30W.

Otherwise, they would’ve probably offered a smaller wall charger.

I doubt unless they mentioned a new type of cell technology, it is physically, without exploding, capable of more than about 20W. So shipping with a 30W would be overkill. You’d need a wide flat form factor like a tablet to be able to get >20W without thermal issues.

I was wondering if meets to USB-PD specs or something Apple proprietary so it can screw customers even more with a special Apple charger.

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Well, in the case of their iPads, it seems to be PD.

I’ve never seen “fast charge for iPhone”

Like I said previously, think it is just wording…the PC 2 10000 has a maximum of 18w output, Apple’s tech specs for enabling fast charge (or 50% in 30 min) requires minimum of a 29w charger

Still haven’t got my head around peoples need for rapid recharging on phones but that’s just me :confused:

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It’s good for being only with your trouser pocket and charging rarely, but for anyone with anything bigger like a bag just carry a Powercore.