PowerCore II charger options - Newbie

Greetings, I just purchased my first Anker product, a PowerCore II 20000 (upgraded). I’m fuzzy on what power adapter to use to charge the PowerCore (I had thought it would come with one).
Can I use:
Apple iPhone charger 5v-1a (model A1265)
Apple iPad charger 10W 5.1v - 2.1a (model A1357)
USB port of my 2013 MBP (which I’m doing as I type - but I’d imagine it’ll take a looong time to charger this way).

Thanks for your help!


The 2.1a will charge faster than the 1a

I use a anker powerport 2 that charges up to 2.4amps for my powercore slim 10000 and powercore 20100

Roger that. Both are “ok” to use though to charge the PowerCore?


Just what @paul70 mentioned,it doesn’t matter because all three options will work but if you use use then 1a it’s gonna take longer to recharge the pack

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All three of those options would work. As @namroc22 mentioned, your iPad charger would be the fastest out of the three. However, it will still not provide the fastest possible charge. You’ll want to look toward this for that:



Thanks @namroc22 and @joshuad11 suggestions. Hi @paul70, welcome to join our Anker family! There are very kind people here who can help you solve your question! Hope you will satisfy with our products.:grin:

this is the cheapest charger which can provide maximum charge speed for your powercore which is 18W ~ 9V 2A