PowerCore II 6700: Will the white color scratch less than the black?

I already own a PowerCore II 6700 and it’s the perfect pocket sized power bank available right now for quickly charging my iPhone X but it scratches extremely easily from only having used it for a week. I’m wondering if I got the white version would it scratch less? And oddly enough it’s slightly more expensive than the black version, any reason why?

Are those permanent scratches, or just something else rubbing off on the (what looks like) anodized coating? I think that the white version would probably scratch the same amount, although the scratches would probably be less visible.


Maybe the better word is discolorations because you can’t feel them on the plastic but they don’t wipe off with water or anything

They do attract scuffs and scratches but then they tend to go in bags with other items or pockets with coins or keys etc so it’s only natural. They are pretty damn tough though and will take a few drops etc

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I think any of these power packs will scratch up. My black one has a couple of scuffs and I used a black sharpee to hide it. The sharpee is slightly off but its better than seeing the scuff.

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i wish i could find something like this for my powercore 2

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Don’t mind scratches. These power banks are in use, so scratches are not preventable. We all have scratches, some more visible others not. That’s life! :wink:


It would be great if Anker went back to anodized aluminum cases along with built in TPU rubber feet/corner bumpers to prevent sliding and scratches.

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I’d love to see that!. Kinda like what they did with the PowerCore slim too

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I’m not sure what you’re referring to, do you have any pictures you could share? I have the 5000mah slim but don’t see any feet or corner bumpers.

I didn’t mean they had any bumpers. I just saw that the slim had rubberized material on one side and thought that maybe Anker could use that same material to make corners/bumpers on there other powercores!