PowerCore II 6700 vs PowerCore + 10050 as a pocket power bank

Disregarding cost differences, which power bank (the PowerCore II 6700 vs PowerCore + 10050) is a better every day pocket carry? I know the 6700 is smaller, but the 10050 + has Qualcomm quick charging for both input and output and the power bank is made of better material (plastic vs aluminum). I own an iPhone X so I can’t take advantage of the 10050’s quick charge 3.0 and the 6700 has PIQ 2.0, so I’m not sure if its worth it. Lmk which you think is better in the replies.

PowercoreII 6700 easily. There’s no way you need more than two full charges in one day. Especially since you aren’t taking advantage of QC 3.0, that powercore II 6700 is the way to. I have one and It’s my go-to battery. I love it.

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Oh, also I’ve dropped my power II several times - the plastic hasn’t broken yet.

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So you said every day pocket carry for iphone.

Does that mean you need to be able to survive the worst longest iphone consumption day?

Do you want to recharge your phone whilst in your pocket?

Let us do the math. How long does your phone last now, and how long does it need to last? Your iphone X is 2716mAh. For long complex reasons use 2/3rds rule so your iphone to fully recharge needs 3/2*2716=4074mAh to fully recharge. So the 6700 is 1.6 recharges. So if your iphone X lasted a given amount of time, would adding 1.6x times again to the day be enough?

For a phone, a daily carry in pocket, then shape may be a factor. The Slim 5000 is a pocket type shape and it is a little over one full recharge. Is that enough?

I really doubt you need the physically much large 10050, you will get nil benefit for an iphone X.


I’ve got the Powercore II and I can get through the day with just 2.5 half charges. If I use the car charger whenever I’m in the car I could get away a smaller one.

The only time I needed more was one I was in back country for 18 hours and I running spotify, bluetooth, 2 different GPS tracking software programs for most of the time. Between my phone issues, it heating up, and constantly checking the maps I used more power than I should have.

I mostly use my larger batteries for off grid use and when the power goes out and my regular battery packs are low.

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Would definitely go with PowerCore II 6700 in your case. Very compact and will charge your iPhone just as fast as the 10000. Also I love the materials used on the PowerCore II series compared to the regular PowerCores, although the PowerCore+ aluminum is also nice.

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I prefer carrying around the 6700mAH vs 10000mAh due to its size and weight. Plus, I find that the 6700 fits better in my pocket :wink: But on the serious side, unless you are out playing Pokemon GO all day, I think 6700mAh is sufficient for an everyday carry. Why carry the extra weight when you probably won’t need that much juice for the day?

Nobody is playing Pokémon everyone is playing Ingress (the better game)

@Kopra_12 Hahaha. I have no idea what that is. I remember when Pokemon Go first came out and that was the craze. It was like watching a bunch of zombies roaming the Santa Monica Pier, looking for Pokemons. Everyone…well, not everyone, was walking around with their faces buried in the phones with cables coming out of their backpacks and pockets. It was a sight to see. It was interesting to see people of all ages doing this. I think I could have sold tons of Anker power banks. LOL. :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: