PowerCore II 6700 Review - Draft


The charger is packaged nicely in a little box that’s a bit more than twice the width of the charger. It includes an Anker micro USB cable and a mesh pouch. The little tab on the paper tray made it easy to pull the whole thing out of the box. Nice touch!

Initial impression of the charger

When I pulled the charger out of the plastic bag, I thought to myself, “Yes! A man version of the lipstick chargers :smile:” The charger has good ergonomics, including a textured surface that grip friendly. It is also the first Anker charger that I’ve seen to have this type of surface. No more worrying about smears and micro scratches.

Charging the charger

The charger came with only 2 LEDs lit (6 LEDS total, so @ 33% charge at time of arrival). I connected the little critter to a USB power meter and I was pleasantly surprised that it was charging at close to 2A. As the charger gets closer to being fully charged, it pulls in less power. With 1 flashing LED left, the power draw is at @0.6A/3.1W.

Charging devices

The charger charges an iPhone 6+ at @1A / @ 5.5W, Note 8 @ 1.6A (drops to @ 1.2A when display is on) and @8W and an iPad Air at @2A.

Suggestions for improvements

Anker should start making their new chargers with USB-Type C input and output support. Another suggestion is instead of 6 LEDS, 10 would be more user friendly. The LED indicator on the PowerCore II 6700 is only slightly smaller than the PowerCore+ 13400.


PowerIQ 2 would’ve also been nice!

Nice review! Thanks for sharing!

My pleasure. This forum needs a gallery function :wink:


Nice review. I am really digging the textured look of the new batteries. I can’t stand even micro scratches on the glossy finishes of the older batteries. And the new texture looks like it helps with the grip. I just recently purchased the Astro E1 6700mAh… I really like the look of this one. Only thing I don’t care for is the 6 LEDs. 6? Why not 5 or even 10?

Nice review, thanks for sharing :thumbsup:…and your right the forum would benefit from galleries :smile:

Awesome review @iroast!!

Thank you for the compliments, mates!

I noticed that you pointed out a small issue with the number of LED indicators. Just wanted to touch on the inconsistency of the number of LEDs in Anker’s PowerCore lineup… not that it’s a huge deal:

PowerCore+ Mini: 1 color changing LED (green yellow red flashing red)
PowerCore Slim 5000, 5000, Fusion 5000: 3 LEDs
PowerCore II 6700: 6 LEDs
PowerCore II 10000: 8 LEDs
PowerCore+ 10000: 10 LEDs
PowerCore 26800: 4 LEDs

I agree it would be nice if the number was at least somewhat more uniform across their devices.


Great review and the charger doctor thingy is useful!