PowerCore II 6700 - Deal Alert!

The PowerCore II 6700 is now on sale on Amazon US for just $16 ($2 less than the inferior Astro)! Can’t beat this price!

Previous discussion:

The PowerCore II 6700 features a design very comparable to the PowerCore II 10000 and 20000.

Key differences:
6 LEDs vs 8
PowerIQ 1 vs 2

Dimensions: 3.8 x 1.7 x 0.9 inches
Weighs 4.6 oz

Last time I checked, it is in stock on right now for $20 on Amazon, but stock is extremely limited.

What do you think of this cute little charger?

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Essentially a re-tooled Astro E1 6700mAh at x3 the cost, or are Anker trying to make a uniform design?

I wouldn’t think it will continue to sell at this price for too long. Probably priced comparably to the Astro.

I like the new design, but I still miss the “flashlight” LED on the original Astros.

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This or one similar is what my son asked for for his birthday next month. I’m thinking of grabbing a few extra for stocking stuffers

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That was my very first Anker product… the Astro with the flashlight. Unfortunately, mine was stolen. :frowning: I do like the look of this one though. Love the curves.

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Agree, these smaller size batteries become a bit more handbag type storage and would be good to include a torch.


Perhaps this Facebook post is a sign of a future merger product?!

You should get him PowerCore+ II 10000 when it comes out!

I’d add solar to that.

Torch for dark, Powercore to recharge stuff and solar to recharge Powercore / Torch. Overall then a robust total system.


And very large…

I have the 20k that I won, he said it’s too bulky and wants one that can fit in his soccer bag, and can carry in his front pocket. So he’ll get this one and I’ll grab a few more larger ones down the road for travel


“Not compatible with Qualcomm Quick Charge, Power Delivery, or PowerIQ 2.0.”

Actually I was comparing this to the PowerCore II 10k and 20k… probably should’ve made that more clear.

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I am annoyed by the name. II implies IQ2 - not.

It is simply the Astro 6700 in new packaging. Quick hyping Anker it causes more confusion than value.

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That’s what I thought too after they changed PowerCore II 20000 to Elite branding.

Down to $20

Even better price, I just may spend a few bucks more and get my son the 10k like you said

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The 10k is much closer to this than it is the 20k size and weight size, but closer to the 20k power wise (mainly PIQ 2), so I think it’s a smart choice.

6.7k - 4.6oz
10k - 6.9oz
20k - 13oz

And what do you know, it’s on the power draw this week!

Or… you could wait for PowerCore+ II.

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Yea I didn’t realize just how small it was until I saw it on Amazon,never really looked at them either so that’s my fault. But I just placed an order on Amazon for 1. Thanks again for the recommendation