PowerCore II 10000 Review

PowerCore II 10000 Review

I have had a few PowerCore portable batteries from Anker over the years and I’ve always opted for the bigger battery so it would last me for a whole weekend when I was working away at a festival or similar event.

So when Anker offered me the opportunity to test and review the New Upgraded PowerCore II 10000 I jumped at the chance. The summer season is over and I’m covered for weekends and what I need now is something that fits in my pocket a bit better. I’ve got a few gigs coming up (Liam Gallagher and Kasabian) with my daughter so we will definitely need a juice boost during the evenings and this beaut looks ideal.

The device arrives in lovely brand new packaging, embossed with Anker products and the slogan “Charge Fast Live More” which is so true especially with this PowerCore where PowerIQ 2.0 has been upgraded to be multidirectional (I have no idea, but it works) allowing for faster input charging. So using a quick charge charger can have it fully topped up and ready to go again in 4 hours :slight_smile:

One of the things I love most and always have about Anker is the gratitude they have for their customers. You always get a thank you from them before you’ve even opened the box.

In the Box
New Upgraded PowerCore II 10000 Power Bank
Travel Pouch
Anker Micro USB Charging Cable
Welcome Guide
Happy Card (Worry Free 18 Month Warranty)

The new sleek textured design is pleasing on the eye and adds a nice bit of grip. I particularly like the LED Wheel. On previous models there were 4 blue LED’s but I will admit, I get a bit excited when I press the button and the LED’s light up in turn to show how much power is available. My daughters first reaction was “Ooooooh thats so cool”

When charging the PowerCore II 10000 the LED’s light up to show how much power is in there and then the other LED’s flash in turn around the wheel to show its charging. Did I say I love this new LED Wheel :-)?

This palm sized PowerCore packs enough juice to fully charge:
iPhone 7 3 times over
Galaxy S7 or S8 just over twice
iPad Mini just over once

I’ve drained the battery on this charging my iPhone 7 Plus and had just under 3 full charges out of it.

I’m not a tech guy, I just love gadgets and what they can do to make my life better. So of those of you that need to know the detail I’ve pulled this from Amazon (there are also a couple of limitations which you might want to be aware of too)

Ultra Compact - Fits in your hand, pocket or bag easily (Half the size of its big brothers :grinning: )
Sleek Design - Textured and looks great
High Capacity - Packs enough power to get you through even the busiest of days
Upgraded PowerIQ 2.0 - Fast Charging
LED Wheel - Slick power information

I’m finding it very hard not to like this so will just say not fully compatible with all devices out there but I guess you could say that about so many products.

A fast charging power bank, ideal in size with enough power to get you through 1 or 2 days easily and ultra compact so no bulging pockets.
Great for every occasion when you are going to be away from the socket for a several hours but know you are going to use your phone/tablet loads.


Great detailed review. I agree with you about the LED wheel… I love it. :slight_smile: What was the other battery pack you had in the picture with the PowerCore II?

Cheers, It was the PowerCore 20100. I was trying to show its half the size of its big brothers and sisters but forgot to mention it. Will edit it now :slight_smile:

Nice review, can’t wait to get the one I ordered for my son. May have to grab a few more so my wife can have her own as well

Do you have any QC chargers or devices?

How is the size vs weight of this vs the Powercore 10000?

Have benchmarked it against the Powercore 10000 for its recharge vs its performance on some device?

This appears as an unboxing review, not a usage review.

I can see why you say that. My bad, I don’t have any QC chargers or devices hence unable to compare. I have iPhones and iPads. And the only comparison i could give was it’s size difference with the more senior PowerCore 20100. I Also don’t have any scales but i guess i could of got the specs off the website.

All noted, will try harder :disappointed_relieved:

I have used it for a couple of days and it performs like all the other powerIQ chargers on my phone. I’ve had just under 3 charges on my iPhone 7 Plus which i forgot to drop in the review.

Nice review! I’m still not sure I like the new packaging. So from your list of cons I assume you don’t consider Anker’s choice to go with micro USB instead of USB-C a con?

Also, just as a suggestion for future reviews, I would try not to distort the photos so we can get a better idea of the shape.

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Regarding the USB-C point. I don’t have any need to move onto USB-C yet. I don’t have any devices that use it so until i do I don’t see it as a con. I am a user of these devices more than an expert.

Regarding the photos. I take that on board although they look ok to me. My OCD got the better of me and i resized them all to be 490 wide :see_no_evil:

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Re-did all the photos :wink:

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Looks great, much better!

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Available in white in USA now

Not sure when, but the white has been available for some time now, at least since last month when I was looking to get my son one for his birthday

IT shows as most recently available. Possibly it went out of stock and back?

Note the most recent changes have been color options for products.

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Hmm I guess your right it could have been unavailable the time, just showed as coming soon or something. I dunno I just remember seeing white.

Color is useful when you own multiple of the same such as in families “mine vs yours” but… really… need more USB-C, USB-PD, etc stuff its almost 2018.

I’m seeing blue, red, white, even green, happening but would like duller things like 5V 3A output 13000mAh in any color.

Agreed, and while I currently have no need for usb PD it would be great for future proof. The 3v output is also a plus as I see more and more devices use own proprietary charge utilizing 3v input, like your current phone, so with the benefit of powerIQ and voltage boost you would be able to fast charge your phone