Powercore II 10000 (non slim version)

I have been noticing that when I do check the battery level there are full bars and when I use it, it shows full bars again but if I leave it not discharging to any devices the bars would drop like one or two lights

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Im confused on how you worded that, can you explain it better please!


How long do you leave it idle before noticing that? Batteries do normally discharge over time, especially in the cold. For maximum longevity between charges, keep the battery at room temperature or slightly above (extreme heat is also bad for batteries, for different reasons).

EDIT: Sorry, I misspoke. A battery will keep its charge longer when idle in cold weather, but it will discharge more quickly when you use it in cold weather. So, for best performance, keep it somewhere cool when storing but try to warm it up when you use it.

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To re word it basically when I use it, it says it full then, later on when I am not using it there would be less lights without me doing anything and it was in the same room and on idle.

Hi @comcast.net5,

Thank you for bringing this issue to our attention and sorry for our late reply.

We are very sorry to hearing you are having such issue with the Anker PowerCore II 10000mAh battery which seems indeed defective as the battery should keep its charge when it is not used. Could you please check to unplug the cable from your battery when it is not used for charging?

If the battery still does not hold a charge after unplugging the cable, please contact us via support@anker.com for help.

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I tried that and the same thing is happening I don’t really think it is discharging when I am not using it. I just think the LEDs are not correctly showing the battery level.