Powercore ii 10000 led lights not indicating right charge amount

I recently purchased 2 Powercore ii 10000 and both have the same issue.

The led indicators (8 of them) are not showing the right charge (usually off by 2), as in: i charge my phone from 5% to 100%, battery pack still shows full 8 leds, then i charge my phone again(from 5 to 100) and it drops by 3 led’s (it’s at the 5 but it should be at 2 or 3) then, since i charge it a thirds time, it drops to 2 led’s but it’s actually almost dead. When i plug it again (because it shows 2 led’s) it charges a couple percent then dies (drops by 2 leds and starts flashing).

has anyone experienced this issue and is there a way to solve it? it would be nice to know what by battery pack is at when i take it or decide i need to charge it.

I haven’t had any issues with my Powercores. I would suggest contacting support. They will sort it out for you.

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Hi @Jezza,

Thank you for bring this issue to our attention and sorry for the delayed response.

It does seem that there is something wrong with the Powercore II 10000 in your hand. To confirm this issue, could you directly contact Anker support so that we can better assist you with exchange or refund if necessary?

Hope it helps. Should there be further concerns or questions we could address, please feel free to contact us via "support@anker.com".

Best wishes!

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I have the same issue with my Powercore II 20000 :

Pulled it out of my backpack and it showed 2/4 lights

Plugged in my iPhone and it immediately dropped to 1/4 lights

It subsequently died and wouldn’t even fully charge my phone

Thank you for the reply, will do asap!

it’s an odd issue, i’ve never seen one like this before.

I mean, it works fine except that you dont know how much it really is charged at and i believe that’s a quite important part of this type of product, especially since i’ll be going on a month long trip where plugging (and waiting) at a wall jack isnt really an option.