PowerCore II 10000 (2nd Review and opinion)

Hi to all :slight_smile:

I just recieved my new portable powerbank from Anker.
It’s Anker Powercore II 10000 a model from Compact Portable Chargers and I would say an Ultra compact model.

My first impression is WOW! That small size of powerbank and still so powerfull. Magic!

Here’s more info about product:

Next is my review. Some pictures are blured - my decision to do that.
I really don’t have to say to more words - only amazing!

Product is ordered from Amazon.de so this is their package, standard as usual:

After opening an package that came from the Amazon finally it’s turn for Anker product to get reviewed :wink:

  • Anker case - you can see on the case that Anker made a small 3D simbols. Very cool. Case if from the front, back and a small teaser when you open an case.

  • PowerCore II 10000 device itself #1 and all the additional items that came with it: PowerCore II 10000, an microUSB cable, small books and guides and pouch for carrying you item wherever you want :wink:

  • PowerCore II 10000 device itself #2 from the front and back is below. Device is twice as smaller that some similar products that I had and twice as powerfull. Anker has implemented some special PowerIQ 2.0 technology for fast charging and this device charges Fast my Samsung S9+ (still can’t believe it :heart_eyes:)

For the end of this review I must say that this review isn’t paid from any of companies and it’s totally my opinion about this product / device.

My final rating is 5 of 5!

Update after month of use:
My final rating is still 5 of 5 :wink:
This small portable powerbank is an beast. When I’m somewhere outside where I have AC power but not Fast Charing adapter (and then my phone would charge for about two, two an a half hours), I just plug in this powerbank and fast charge my phone for one and half hour. Just amazing! :wink:


Nice unboxing review @revlyne , have the same model myself and it’s getting more use as time goes on :grin:

Thanks for sharing :thumbsup:


Thank you @ndalby. Have an oldie but goldie PowerCore+ mini 3350 but this is serious stuff :wink:

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I do love my Powercore II 10000 but rocking with the Powercore 20100 more at the moment to save me charging it up so often :thumbsup:

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nice review !! :smile: :

I like the mesh bags that come with the chargers, but I have yet to use any of them :blush:

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It’s good to hear that you have a great experience with our product!
Welcome to join the community, I hope you could meet some friends here.:hugging:

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Thanks for sharing your review, @revlyne! Nice job!

Good work :heart_eyes:

Awesome review, reviews like this make me feel better about making my purchases.

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