PowerCore Giveaway UK - Account Creation/Referral Issues

Hi @AnkerOfficial I have received an email today to win a powercore II 20000 by referring friends but they are having trouble creating an account using their facebook.
1 of the rules is connecting social media accounts. Can you get someone to look into this please?

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I’ve had one friend sign up via creating a new account after emailing a ref code. Been asked how they would link their social media (which is a Twitter account), ideas as I’m not seeing anything obvious in profiles etc?

The only thing I’ve seen is.
When you click the link, you get the login page or
Create account using twitter
Create account using Facebook
Create account using google+ (does anyone use that?)

But getting error when hitting Facebook button.
Terms say, must link social media. There is no way of doing it afterwards from what I can see.

Passed the link to a colleague to try with his email, it does work at least :smile:

@Oggyboy Can you ask your friend to make a screen shot for that error page? Or can you ask other friends to test again?


@AnkerOfficial it seems to work ok on a computer but not on a mobile device.

Can I ask too please? Where can i see if I have had any referrals join? I know of 2 at least that have joined but I can’t tell if they’ve registered against my referral link.

If you click the referral link you have shared, when you are logged into your Anker account, so should be able to see the number accepted.

Hello, I had an email yesterday about this giveaway in the UK. Since then I’ve had 2 people sign up and link their social media using my referral link but it still says 0 referrals? Can anyone shed some light? thank you! It looks awesome btw!

Hi @hbkerley , did they signup using the Facebook or Google+ links? If not it is unlikely that it will have tied correctly to your referral link. I’ve had two successful referrals using Google+ but another family friend yesterday used my referral link and just registered an account and it did not count the referral. Adding a social media link post account creation also seems not to be possible.

Perhaps @AnkerOfficial can clarify?

@Oggyboy , hope you don’t mind but I’ve updated the thread title so any issue’s people have with the referrals have a central place to report.


Now I’m puzzled :confused: , sent my link to 5 friends (besides posting on Twitter / Facebook), 3 attempted via Google+, one registered direct and the third used Facebook. Only 2/3 referrals…

I know for sure one of my referrals signed up using Facebook button but if I click the link sent in the email it says 0/3 :sweat:

I’ve got 1 now but 2 of my referrals haven’t registered :weary:

Hi, I previously got them to try by signing in to Facebook but that didnt work. They tried again using Google+ and that was successful! I’m not sure why, maybe something that @AnkerOfficial need to look into?

Hi my friends @hbkerley @ndalby @Oggyboy, there are two situations where your referrals can’t be successful. 1. your friend may has already registered our Anker website before. 2. Your friends wrong steps lead to unsuccessful referrals.

Let me introduce the process for you:

Step1: Login/Register on Anker website (Via Google+, Facebook or Email)

Step2: Copy and share the referral link with your friends

Tips: Click “Copy Referral Link” to get your referral link and share with your friends

Setp3: Your friends have to use this full URL you shared and register on Anker website

accordingly(available for Google+ and Facebook registration only) , that will be counted as one referral.

Step 4:Refresh the giveaway page and you will see the counts


Thanks for clearing that up @AnkerOfficial :grin:

Hope you are right because my competition page says 2/3 :anguished:

Side note: Are we sounding pretty desperate on this thread :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Sorry, we made mistakes, yeah you actually invited 2 friends successfully.:cry:

Well that’s weird…two of my friends used the link that was posted to Twitter, one tried via Google+ and the other Facebook, neither linked.

That’s ok. Can’t believe my friends are not getting involved grrrrr

Will seek out at least one more now lol