Powercore Elite 20000 for PD?

Does the Powercore Elite 20000 provide enough output to minimally power a USB Type-C PD-enabled laptop? To date, I haven’t had any noticeable success, but wondering if it’s cable-type issue or if it’s a trickle charge that I barely notice.

If there’s a new product that might work for this purpose, is there a recycle/upgrade program that might be available?

Just asking if it will power a laptop isnt enough to really answer your question. Each laptop draws or requires a certain amount of minimum power and without knowing the laptop make and model we cannot fully answer that question.

As far asPD batterypacks, some output 30w and others more, it all depends which one you get

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Apologies for the ambiguous question. My work laptop is a Del Latitude 7480 that comes with a charger that puts out 65 Watt, 19.5 V, 3.34 A. I expect that anything above 45W or so would be sufficient to extend battery life and charge overnight. However, I’m unclear whether certain cables are rated for PD. I’d like to consolidate charging solutions and not carry around a laptop charger, a battery pack, and a USB charging block when travelling.