PowerCore+ does not turn off after phone is charged

I have a PowerCore+ 26800 with quickcharge 3. I have left the power bank plugged into an iPhone 6s overnight. The phone is fully charged but the power bank was still on as the white dots didn’t turn off. The phone was still drawing power from the power bank as the charging symbol was on next to the battery on the iPhone 6s. Does this mean that the phone will always draw power from the power bank albeit its probably a small amount. Is this normal? I was under the impression that the power bank would turn off after the phone is charged.

I believe this is the normal behavior now. In the past, some power banks would turn off when the amperage hit a low threshold, but this prevented smaller devices – such as Bluetooth headphones – from charging since they draw so little power.

I personally prefer that the power bank stays on. For example, I have an older power bank for my Apple Watch by another brand that I use when traveling. It will charge my watch to 100% and then turn off. Now let’s say my watch reaches 100% at 1:00am in the morning. My watch then drains from 1:00am until I wake up. Which, at first, was leaving me baffled as to why my watch would be at 89% when I woke up when there was still power left in the power bank.

So while the power bank may stay on when your phone reaches 100%, it would be drawing very little power and shouldn’t affect the remaining capacity by much.


Thank you. That makes sense.

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I noticed my Anker power banks turn off after things are charged up. But they will stay on if the phone reaches 100% and the phone is active (if I’m using it or if the phone is updating/downloading stuff). These power banks were purchased this year and one of them I think was released earlier this year.

I wonder if the larger power banks are designed to stay on until you turn it off and the smaller ones turn off when charged. Anyone experience this?

I turned my iPhone off whilst it was charging overnight. The powerbank was still on. Has anyone else got an iphone and does the powerbank turn off or remain on?

Hi @aaftab.mughal80 ,

Thanks for bringing the issue to us via this post and email.

Kindly be advised that the Powercore+ should turn off when your phone is charged up, but they will stay on if the phone reaches 100% and the phone is still active, just as @Element321 said, because there is still current draw from the Powercore+ to keep it on.

Since your phone was turned off overnight, and you noticed the LED indicators are still not off, could you confirm if you used your supplied iPhone cable or our Anker lightning cable to charge your iPhone 6S? If yes, then we think it is possible that the powercore+ in your hand is faulty.

Hope this helps. If the problem persists, please feel free to contact us via "support@anker.com".

Best wishes!

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Hi. I used the original iPhone lead that came with the phone.

Hi @aaftab.mughal80,

Sorry for the late response. We’re busy with taking a training program lately :relaxed:

From the circumstances you described, it does sound that the powercore+ in your hand is faulty. Could you contact us with your order# via "support@anker.com so that we can validate the warranty and process exchange for you?

Thank you so much!