PowerCore Case 2200mAh, Review - Test

From the German:
This PowerScore model is different than most mobile phone cases.

So far, I always had an Integrated Lightning connector, which was firmly installed in the case and so the iPhone has made significantly longer.

This is not the case, the connection is stowed at the lower end of the envelope in a cavity and can be connected as required.

I find this solution super, which is synonymous times even if it is not of course the solution is the iPad can be loaded.

The shirt is made from 100% fine jersey cotton (medium weight,) which has been combed for your added comfort.
The dimensions of the iPhones change only in the depth, which I find particularly pleasant to use.

================================================== ==============================
CONCLUSION: Consistently positive!

  • Good haptics
  • Top optics
  • Practically also for the iPad
  • Good price performance

((- fear that the cable is broken)

All buttons and the camera can be used comfortably and without impairment.
I use the case partially also without wanting to want, since the iPhone here is good gun and it is very very well in the hand.


Nice review.

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Thanks my German friend! Welcome to join the community and let us know your thoughts!:hugging:


Nice review !

That’s what I was going to say.

i’m not sure about the iPad part though. Too bad this product only have micro usb input. if it could have lightning port as well then I don’t need to carry two type of cable.

Since I must give @demol3 right … the loading with a Lightning cable have but only the few devices :frowning:

@AnkerOfficial could do something here sometime :slight_smile: I would find very good

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