PowerCore Atom III 60W (first time reviewer!)

Before I get into the details, I would like to say that I am an Anker fan. I have 2 wall chargers, 1 dock, 1 hub, and 1 power bank from them. This review is about one of those wall chargers.

Firstly, it arrived in the same box as my dock (PowerExpand 12-in-1) with 2 cables with it. I remember looking at it and wondering, “This came with my dock?” What surprised me even more is it was just 30 dollars! The Apple 61w power adapter is 70 dollars, so this is less than half of that price! Now I have been using it for a week, and I will tell you: This has replaced my 65w laptop charger, if not ALL of my chargers. Why, you ask? It is much more portable and delivers pretty much the same power as it. Let me tell you pros and cons about it.


  • VERY portable
  • Activity light
  • 60w packs a punch
  • PIQ 3
  • Pretty small
  • Foldable plug
  • Reversible plug
  • Does not get hot, like at all, not even after 3 days of continuous use!


  • Takes up other outlet
  • Activity light is bright at night
  • There are smaller ones (PowerPort Pod)
  • No PPS


The charger

The charger vs 15w Adaptive Fast Charge/Qualcomm Quick Charge adapter

The charger vs Apple 5W Adapter

The charger vs Anker Nano 20W (see the PIQ 3 and activity light here)

Folding plug!

Takes up other outlet…

So there we have it. To reach a decision about if you want to buy it or not, here’s this:

Buy it if…

  • You don’t want to spend over USD$30 on a charger
  • You are fine without PPS
  • Lights in the night do not bother you
  • You need a universal charging solution
  • You care about size, but not about taking up other outlets
  • You care about how hot the charger gets

Don’t buy it if…

  • PPS is essential (get PowerPort III Pod)
  • You dislike activity lights and cannot unplug it (same as before)
  • You need the other outlet free at all times (same)
  • You are willing to spend USD$40 (same)

And that’s all, folks. Have a good day!


Those LED lights can be annoying at times lol

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Great review @foreverxml
Agree re the brightness of the light - that seems to be an Anker trademark :grin:

Love the size comparison pics too.

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Great review! :clap:

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Nicely done, great photos and well put summary of pros / cons / considerations.

Looking forward to more reviews :wink:

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Thats a good review @foreverxml . Powerful charger.

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Nice review! Interesting that the charger doesn’t get hot, even when (assumed) under full load.

My 18W and 20W bricks get rather toasty when pushing out their full wattage capability, but that may be related to the more constrained design.

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True. However, when I do not use an E-Marker cable (all Anker cables are E-Marker) it gets too toasty and so does your device. Not good…