Powercore are like pets - don't let them freeze

There’s a UK storm coming, first of the winter, so a slightly higher chance of a power outage, so I collected my Powercore in and began charging.

I took two from the garage where I’d left one there for a few weeks and we’ve had some frosts overnight.

One of them is dead. Not that old, say 3 years.

Don’t kill Powercores, keep them in your home.

I’ll try to get my dead Powercore back to life in the usual methods.


Stay safe @professor. Hope you don’t lose any power


Stay safe… This story does bring back memories of my granny storing AA, AAA or C batteries in her freezer. :slight_smile:


It is a small chance, its higher at the first storm of winter especially as not all leaves fallen yet.

UK keeps electricity either with no trees nearby or below ground, so wind caused outages are rarer than other countries.

Powercore 10000 PD, when I press the power button the lights come on briefly then off. I’ll keep it warm today and see if it springs back to life, could just be damp from condensation within. If it is dead I’m only left with 6700+2x10000+2x20000+26800 left :scream:


I’ve lived through outages before, the longest one was man-made - union strikes - but the ones caused by nature I had a local substation out for 8 hours. The last place I lived, after I left, had a 4 day outage.

Look after your Powercores so they can look after you. In hindsight I should have kept in a dry bag to at least keep condensation away.


Of course don’t let them freeze and don’t cook them. :laughing:

Snowing outside here.
Don’t like that at all.

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I’m ready with my 93500mAh of charged Powercore. All the Bolder LC40, LC90, LC130 charged.

The forecast is getting more accurate as storm nearer and worst is not near me.

Heading your way afterwards @Chiquinho



Good luck for all UK citizens could be affected by the storm.
There was nothing to read here in the news.

Germany is on the "Corona-trip (4. wave) and the new “government” only :roll_eyes:


Stay safe, @professor and everyone else affected by the storm!

Lithium batteries should return to regular performance after they warm back up, but don’t try to charge them while they’re below freezing. https://batteryuniversity.com/article/bu-410-charging-at-high-and-low-temperatures


Stay safe and stay warm @professor
If the battery still has issues after a few hours, it doesn’t hurt to try and jolt it alive with a ifhtly stronger power plug and leave it plugged in to try and charge it up. Its worked for me in the past but all depends which powerbank it is.

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There are some tricks how to get deep discharged batteries to life again.
I have heard (not tried) that a electric shock could help.

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That’s what I tried. I’ve left it in a room temperature place for a while. It was still dead. Then left it charging. Still dead.

Shame, I have murdered a Powercore before it had a full rich life.

This unit is still working.

Yep over 5 years old still working fine. As it’s huge I ended up only using for power outages, used it every few months and left it charged for an outage. Back when you could get a 26800 for $30+tax.

Keep your loved pets Powercore indoors this winter.

Storm passed it blew over a plant in garden but nothing worse. Storm killed 3 people.

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I tested the dead unit again every day, including this morning, same issue - lights come on for a fraction of second and doesn’t output nor recharge.

I got the replacement unit delivered today via a warranty claim, I put it on charge and it works, then I went to the dead unit intended to take to battery recycling site, and it came back to life.

Ooops. :dizzy_face:

I’m going to assume it is on it’s last life and won’t make it an EDC or rely on it , it’s going to be used as a backup to my backup for power outages.

So, excellent support :exclamation:, excellent warranty, and excellent product. I’m wondering if some condensation got inside and just needed more time to dry out???

This particularly product - 10000 PD Slim - seems to get particularly bad reviews, commonly being it does not give anywhere near 10000mAh. I have some experience similar in that if I make it output 9V it drains faster than if I make it output 5V (it seems to prefer USB-A not USB-C output) so may be one of the more vulnerable products, e.g. doesn’t like cold or condensation more than average?

The original intent of needing to keep local power sources to handle a winter storm proved for many to be valid. I didn’t get an outage but the rough rule of locally be self-sufficient for a week seems to hold true.