Powercore AC Review

I received this back in Sept 2017 to beta test and the product i received looks the same and has the same specs as the product information on Amazon. Since it has been released, here is my review.

I have been using this mainly to charge my older MacBook air when on an airplane from the west coast to the east coast and back for both business and holidays and for my iPhone if there is no supplied USB charging port on the airplane. This is a good product for consumers who need a AC outlet if there is none around for their electronic devices or older MacBooks.

Contents - Powercore AC, micro-usb cord, instructions, happy warranty card and carrying case

Aesthetics - Big in size, just think of it as a GIANT powercore 10000. In the pictures provided, i have a ipad mini, powercore 20100 and a powercore 2 10000 to compare. It has a matte finish so that it is not a fingerprint magnet. The top has 2 USB ports that have powerIQ 1 that output a max of 3A each and a total of 4.2A for both, a large radial power button when pressed shows battery life (The front has 4 blue LED lights to show the percentage of battery life ), input to charge the Powercore. There is also a flap that once removed has the input for the 2 pronged AC outlet and a on/off switch for the AC outlet.
The powercore AC is also quite heavy (25OZ).

Carrying Case - The case has a rubber matte like finish that is possibly splash proof. The case offers great protection but is big and bulky when carrying it around. ( I just put it in a small neoprene bag and into my laptop bag.) Anyhow, once unzipped, one side has a form fitting foam for the powercore that s quite thick and dense to protect the powercore from falls. The other size has a mesh netting to store the AC Adaptor and any other cables that you may need for charging.

Battery - the battery is 22,000 mAh and is rated to charge in 3 hours. I have charged it in around 2:30 hours.

In theory this should charge my iPhone 6 Plus around 7 times. But i have only charged it twice from empty and it still has roughly 75% battery left. It does charge my MacBook air once with about 25% battery left.

The Powercore AC is rated to be used for small electronics that input to 90W. I haven’t tried anything higher as it states that anything above 90W will not work. Besides charging my Mac Air, I have used the AC outlet for an iron, wife’s hair straightener, charging my shaver, IP cameras. I have also tested it on my Cpap machine and it will last around 3 hours before it’s out of battery. For any campers, this may be good for naps but not for a good nights sleep ( you will need the Anker Powerhouse!)

As far as i can tell, It looks like Anker did not upgrade anything since the beta test and their initial release of this product A couple improvements is that it could have USB-C or even using the newer power IQ 2 standards and possibly even having a 3 prong AC outlet

I still think this is a niche market item, it’s great for me and my use but for the consumers who have the newer MacBooks with USB-C, still useable, but that consumer would probably buy the smaller and lighter powercore’s that have USB-C.


Thanks for your review, it’s good to know how l long it will last when using a CPAP machine. I can see myself using this alot if I had one


[quote=“Ben_Reilly, post:1, topic:61296”]
I received this back in Sept 2017 to beta test
[/quote]Wow! :astonished: So that explains why it’s still got the old Anker logos and there’s no PD or PowerIQ 2.0 as you alluded to!

Thanks for the review. :thumbsup: First in the Community


Thanks for the review :thumbsup: …that is certainly quite a time between the beta testing phase and release (compared to some other Anker products)…

Yeah, that’s a long time from beta to release. Overall, very nice looking unit. I especially like that it came with the case.

Powerbanks are one of my favourite Anker items.
Thanks for the review.


Nice to know that you have joined our beta test program! Before the product is officially launched, you must provide many useful suggestions. Thank you so much!

great review! well done!!

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What voltage is the AC output? Selectable 1120/240v ?


Dang that’s a long testing period

Its not so much a long testing period, but rather because it’s a beta test they are bound by a NDA- non disclosure agreement and cannot say or speak of it until the NDA is over

AC output is 110V and unfortunately can’t select between different volts.

I was part of the beta test group for the Powercore AC as well and it was such a good device. Unfortunately there was some glitch that caused it to stop working so I had to send it back. It was great for my remote working in coffee shops without having to rely on sitting by an outlet :slight_smile:


The case is awesome! Really nice!

This looks so rad, added to my wishlist. $150’s a little rich for my blood, unless I can get work to pay for it :smiley:

Love chargers. Enjoy that they have cases for them as well. I have another charger and it is not as nice as this one.

Could be handy 4 campin

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Can you please tell us the brand and model of the CPAP you tested it on?

@Sang_Bui I use the ResMed AirSense 10 AutoSet for Her. Don’t judge. Lol. The “her” version is better. But seriously as I stated before, the battery will only last for about 3 hours so would only be useful for quick naps if using in places where there are no power outlets.