PowerCore AC (A1380) LED's All blinking

I bought the device, used it sparingly, and one day, it decided to not turn on. Now, when it’s plugged in to charge, all 4 LED’s just blink. Only had it a few months before this started.

Reset of pb

For a reset connect the in- and the output with the added cable for 10 seconds.
If you charge it after that procedure : DO NOT press ANY buttons.
If all these doesn’t help, you should contact


The only “In” is the round, AC plug? There is no USB in on the device. Only and AC Out, and two, blue USB’s.

I just tried it again, and now, the first LED flashes four times, and then all 4 LED’s come on. If I unplug it, and plug something into the USB (my watch, for instance), the 4 LED’s come on, and then go out, one by one.

Send a message to support@Anker.com and let them.know what is going on. Provide them your order number and the serial number

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Thanks everyone. Will do.