PowerCore 5000 ONLY $13.49 (Expired)

The PowerCore 5000 is a big step up from the mini series. Not only does it have over 50% more capacity, but it outputs at 2A and ingests at 2A, as well. It charges most phones once, some close to twice.

The regular price is $17.99, so $13.49 is about 25% off.

Keep in mind that this sale is exclusive to the black color option.

What are your thoughts on the PowerCore 5000? Is this a good deal? Let me know!


Good price.

I prefer the Slim 5000 for pockets.


Same here. The Slim and 10000 are the most used of my PowerCores.


Still a pretty good deal for the product being offered

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And my most used is the Slim 10000, haha.

Why is the Slim 5000 so much more?

I’m guessing:

  • Lithium Ion in the Slim 5000 more expensive than the 26650 battery inside the 5000. 26650 5000mAh of the quality used is probably in region of $9 cost to Anker, so there’s still margin at $14. The 5000 has been often sold at $14.
  • Slim has more expensive materials, it has to be made tougher due to being a slab. A cylinder is inherently stronger than a rectangle.
  • supply/demand, inference is it is selling better so it sells for a higher price.
  • it is talked up “design awards” so there is a feeling it should sell more. This talking up may be keeping demand up which keeps price up.

I just prefer the shape for trouser and jacket pockets, no more.

But my most used is the Powercore 10000 as I’m usually with a bag more than just pockets and 10000 is double 5000 so it will ingest energy faster when i need to recharge it . Trickle at 80% so 10000 trickles at 8000, 5000 trickles at 4000, so the 10000 gets to 5000 faster than the 5000 gets to 5000.

I think the 5000 drum shape is a perfectly decent product, I have one, I gave it to a family member and I use the 5000 slim myself. The limit of a drum is its less thermally capable to shed heat. I’d be curious to recharge an empty Slim 5000 vs the drum 5000 and measure the metered input.

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That’s a great deal I’m going to pick up a few. They would be perfect for women to put in their purses or if you carry a backpack.


Darn, I’ve always liked the look of this and wanted one. But 5000mAh isn’t much. Not only that, I already have a 5000 Slim, 6200mAh Astro E1, a 10000mAh, among others. I’ve found myself carrying the 6200 and 10000 in my backpack due to it’s weight and size. But dang it, I still love the look of this one! Why Anker? Why must you tease me so? LOL…

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Well, that deal didn’t last long. Yes, I was weak… I checked :stuck_out_tongue:

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That $14 price a commonly offered discount level. Doubt you’lll have to wait long.

Also check back in a few minutes / hours, what happens is folks put it in their checkout and don’t buy it so the price goes up then down as stock is released from baskets. Probably you can get one if you keep refreshing.

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I buy the Mini+ for ladies purse scenario, it is a lot smaller, but still useful around 2/3rds a phone recharge. The main weakness of the Mini+ is its 1A output so its not the fastest possible charge for most phones now.

@TechnicallyWell video shows the two at 1m17s in.


The 1amp output is a deal breaker for me

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*and 1A input

right and for me also so why I tend to carry the Slim 5000, which admittedly costs more.

But we mentioned here 3 different scenarios.

A 1A output for a purse scenario, where you want it to be small as a backup phone, it spends most of its life as primary purpose of being small and for that it trades being 1A, vs wanting 5000mAh as cheap as possible where the 5000 is a good example, to wanting something more pocket friendly, an 5000mAh Slim with is more appropriate. The 4th option is if you merge it with a charger, which is also what I tend to give ladies for an overnight bag, as its just plain simpler “it is all you need” (and now available in white).

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*you also said the mini charges your headphones

put a meter on your phone when recharging with a 2A output portable charger, then begin using your phone, betya the Ampage drops to about 1A. Due to thermal throttling.

In a purse where its more for emergency power to make a call with a flat phone, actually in that scenario, the phone would not take much more than 1A anyway.

My wife’s phone, I did exactly that test, if I turned the phone off and let it recharge, it drew between 1.3A and 1.6A, if I turned on the phone and began using whilst recharging, it dropped to 0.6A.

From that test, I concluded, to have an emergency phone recharger, as small as possible and 1A output, was a balanced solution.

But different situations, different optimums. I don’t have a purse, I have trouser pockets and I prefer the 5000 Slim.

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Ah, so that’s why my mom’s Note5 doesn’t say fast charging in use.

did you buy a meter? It produces far more wisdom than a specifications page.

I don’t own enough meters to test all combinations but I think not all 2A are equal. Like I reckon the 5000 cylinder must be recharging slower than the slim even though quoting same 2A. Even though the FAQ says the opposite. So not all 2A are equal.

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Good point about the 1A output. I didn’t even think about that. Thanks for pointing that out. :slight_smile:

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