PowerCore 3 Elite broken after charging Surface Pro 7

Hi there maybe somebody can help me out i have the PowerCore 3 Elite since 2 days ich charged my Surface 7 Pro once and now i tried to charge my Surface the second time but it doesnt charge anymore. Now i tried to charge the Powerbank back up and it seems that the USB Typ C is broken. I used the Cable which was sent with the PowerBank now i tried charging my surface with the 65W charger from Anker this worked flawless. So maybe somebody can tell me why the PowerBank now is broken that would be great thank you in advance!

This happened to me as well, I bought PowerCore III Elite 25600 a few days ago. Upon receiving it, I tried to charge my surface pro 7 with it, it charged fine. But the second time I tried to charge it, it won’t charge. And i never got it working again. Please let me know what can I do to make this work without returning it. Maybe a reset or something?