POWERCORE+ 26800mAh Review

Today I would like to talk about the POWERCORE+ 26800 mAh.
I received it as a test product and I want to share with you my opinion and experience. Comes in a small carton, blue and white, inside it is accompanied by a usb cable and user manual. Also comes with a well padded black protective case.
I like it to come in a small box, just the right size,I consider it a friendly act with nature.
The Color is Matte black in my opinion.
Has button with small white lights and they are the indicators of the power level. Full lights on means 100% charge. The power check tool is very simple and easy to understand.
Very sturdy material, high impact resistance. It’s a little on the big and heavy side
It has 3 charging ports. One of the ports is Qualcomm 3.0 Quick charge. I recommend using a quick charge charger.
You can use it to charge any device you have. I charged a Samsung Galaxy S7, and S6, and an Astro Portable Charger
My whole family can get their phones charged in a few minutes with the quick charge port.
it’s great for family travels or if you’re traveling abroad
It really makes honor to the name. Impressive POWER with a 26800 mAh capacity.


Nice review @Daiross :thumbsup:

Got the standard 26800 myself, which gets plenty of use during long haul trips.

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Thank u!! I am planning to take it for my next trip !!!:evergreen_tree:


I have the 20000 version and I thought it would never run out of power. The storage capacity is outstanding!!

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Yea I have the 20100 powercore but am gonna get a 10400 powercore plus soon cuz I need something more compact when I’m not traveling

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The newest PowerCore 10,000 is much more compact and lighter than the 10,400+. Highly recommended if you’re looking for something small and lightweight and you only lose 400mAh’s of capacity…that and the 10 segment LED charge wheel.:grin:


I said this before and it still seems solidly my opinion. I get why QC helps with phones, you’re moving a lot and you just want to make quick use of any static time near a wall socket. Totally understand.

I never did get why you’d want QC in a portable charger. It is by definition with you all the time when you’re not near a wall socket, so what is the problem with plugging it in for a longer time?

QC is heavier, larger, more expensive, so it is the least applicable technology to a portable charger.

I have a “QC” (like) phone (OnePlus3T with DASH charge) and I use the “QC” (DASH) charger in the house, but when I’m on the move with a portable charger, I just carry a Powercore 10000 because it is lighter, smaller, lower cost and there’s no problem with plugging it in longer.

Every single time I see prices (even discounted) and look at physical size and weight, it keeps coming back to the exact same conclusion.

Please argue and disagree, as I see all the Anker QC products so I’m thinking I’ve missed something, and I’d hate to be wrong.

Agreed my PowerCore 10000 gets more use than any of my other portables but that’s the way of the world, everyone wants things done faster and with more power on tap.

My two PowerCore 10000’s pretty much equal either one of my single PowerCore Speed 20000 and PowerCore 20000 QC3 units for a fraction of the size, especially the 20000 Speed (which is downright HUGE, even compared to the regular 20000). I’d rather carry around one of the 10000’s any day and swap them out as needed. The 10000 is the perfect size for pocket use.

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I believe that whenever you offer something new you create a new audience and therefore new sales whether it is a better product or not it will generate more sales.

If you are looking for a use for the portable QC I think I can provide that. We RV camp and often Boondock. Even though I have an inverter and can use QC plugged in to it I may choose to keep the trailer battery power for heat, lights, etc.
A couple weeks ago I was taking a lot of photos and my phone was running dry fast. I had to hook it to my battery pack and didn’t want to miss out on photographing some of the mid day events. I also needed to have it full for our evening hike. It was at that moment that I started to think about quick charge but then quickly remembered that I do not own a device that will accept quick charge anyway. I was forced to plug and unplug my phone throughout the day so I would have benefited from the QC feature. Weight is not an issue as I wouldn’t be carrying it around. I hate operating my camera (phone) with a cable and battery attached as I take a lot of timer photographs.
The alternative is to use the slower lighter charger, pack it with me on the hike and unplug the cable each time I see something worth photographing. Is this better? maybe for some

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So there are some faves which keep end up being my go-to products, thanks to various discounts and giveaways I have owned (and mostly given away) lots of Powercore items. I agree the 10000 is my fave overall. I agree that if I need 20000 I’d carry two 10000, the reason being it allows for using one while recharging the other, or for spare in case one were to fail (which it never has BTW).

I don’t put the 10000 in my pocket however, for that I use the Slim 5000, because it is …slim!

I often travel both with the Slim 5000 and the 10000 and tend use the Slim with my phone and the 10000 with my tablet. Combined it is 15000, 2 ports, and 4A of recharge in two items.

Subsequent products like the Powercore II 20000 and the Powercore II 10000 just don’t give enough of a benefit.

One other radically different method I also find beneficial is not Anker related at all, is to carry another device instead of carrying power. I have a 11 hour flight in a few days and I could use a mobile and a Powercore, but instead I’m carrying an old tablet and drain its battery instead, and then land with a charged phone. Not only do I get the same side-effect (of a Powercore) of landing with a charged phone, but I also have the tablet as a spare device. So a tablet in lieu of another 10000. Note: this is about using what you have, and as we have different items we’d each come to a different approach.

i own a Powercore 26800 (got in the $30 discount code) primarily as it is 26800mah for $30, it doesn’t get used much as I rarely need that much mah.

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If there is no receptical around and you are short on time ie going for a run, bike ride ect QC portable is a go to option. You don’t have to take the powerbank with you on the journey, but a quick charge while you gather things. Think about older homes where this is not an outlet every six feet. Sure a long cord from a powerport would work, but if you are on your way home from work and want to charge your device(s) while on a bus or train where an outlet may not be available a QC comes in handy. Get home, device has a good charge and boom on to chase the squirrels


I got it with PowerPort 3.0 , after 20 hours only 5 stars are on and 5 are blinking, it will take 2 or days to be full
wha tis wrong with it ?

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Usually it is the cable fault.

Or it could be you don’t actually have a QC charger.


Great review @Daiross
awesome photos of the Anker PowerCore+ 26800 and a very nice description of the item.


I have used only what was in the box with PowerPort 3.0
thank you


What sort of wall charger are you using?


Such a product does not exist. Did you mean QC3 Powerport+ 1?


The most common cause is the cable, followed by the battery, followed by the charger. If the cable is at fault you can prove by using a different cable. If, after trying different cable, eliminate if the battery is at fault by trying a different battery, that QC3 charger will negotiate to a common 5V 2A which will charge quickly a smaller battery. If the charger is at fault then try another charger like something doing 5V 2A which will take roughly 14 hours to charge the 26800mah.

Once you’ve eliminated the cause then email support@anker.com.


Anker Power Core + 26800 MAH Premium Aluminium Power Bank External Battery with High Capacity Power Port + 1 Quick Charge USB Charger and PowerIQ ™ technology for iPhone, Galaxy, Nexus, Smart Phones & Tablets

I try again then Ill contact the support

thank you


thank you!! I’m glad you liked it :blush: