PowerCore+ 26800mAh PD Note 8

As the topic shows, Would this battery be a good match with my note 8? I’ve tried to google charge times compared to Q.C 3 but there’s no info as well as USB Type C PD support. I’m currently using the older model which has Q.C 2.0 but using the 2.0 slot with a type C cable, it doesn’t quick charge.


I am waiting on my Note 8 to get to me (2 more weeks!!!).

Samsung uses their version of fast charge called Adaptive Fast Charge; however, they also support Power Delivery so you should be able to charge with the PowerCore+ 26800 USB-C and charge fast. You can also charge with a macbook USB-C power brick(which supports PD) and you will get fast charge as well.

Hope that helps


Thanks for replying! You’ll love your note 8 when you get it. It’s a wonderful phone! It does help, as I just wanted to be sure. I’ve taken the time to google all kinds of topics regarding QC 2.0, 3.0, PD but I get different answers and different compatibility issues. Say for example I want to use this battery to charge my gfs phone as well but she uses a micro USB would this battery also work out as well? Like I said, I have the older version with 3 charging ports. Essentially I want to be sure the phone maintains fast charging just fine

Hi @kraz3yfear,

Thanks for bringing the issue to us via this post and email.

Kindly be advised that Samsung Note 8 is a Quick Charge 3.0 technology. To achieve its max charging speed, we would advise you to use our Powercore speed series or our newer Powercore II series to charge your Note 8 as they all support Quick Charge 3.0 devices.

Meanwhile, the powercore+26800mah PD is only able to charge a PD enabled device effectively. If you do want to use it to charge a Note 8, it will charge at 5V/1A mode, which is not fast enough to you.

Hope it helps. Should there be further concerns or questions we could address, please feel free to contact us via "support@anker.com".

Best wishes!

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Dear Anker support,

Samsung note 8 is NOT A QC 3.0 device !! It is a QC 2.0 device per Samsung note 8 specification page. Which powercore+26800 fully supports @ Qc2.0.

The powercore+26800 ( qc2.0 micro usb ver, not qc3 usbc ver) was fast charging my note 8 for about 2 weeks then it died on me 2 days ago. It will only do normal charging now. I have emailed support but received nothing back yet.


Hey, the power bank should ship with a micro usb cable as well. You can charge your GF’s phone using the IQ ports.

I got my Note 8 a few days ago and it is AWESOME!!! SInce I pre-ordered, i am using the wireless fast charge mat.

and the Note 8 is not Q.C. 3.0, it is 2.0…this is 100% fact that is on both Qualcomm’s site and Note 8’s manual.

Just a tip: you may want to mention @AnkerSupport like this because it also sends them a notification! It’s still not a guarantee that you’ll get a response, but you’ll have a much higher chance.