Powercore 26800

Just bought a powercore 26800 and it doesnt fast charge my samsung galaxy s6. it says it will take 4.5 hours to fully charge my phone from 24%… i tried using different wires including the one that was given in the box but nothing seems to work… can i get some help?



Is the battery fully charged? Email Anker support at support@anker.com and they should be able to help you out. :slight_smile: Their customer service is great. Since it is the weekend, give a bit more time to reply. Meanwhile, try charging the Powercore up and then plug your S6 back in and see if that helps.


Which of the 7 Powercore 26800 are you using?

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So there is more than one version of the PowerCore 26800. If it is not the PowerCore+ 26800 (only one input), but rather the PowerCore 26800 (the one with dual inputs), fast charging is not included. You have to get the PowerCore+ 26800 for the fast charging. :slight_smile:


thanks for the reply guys. yup its the powercore + 26800 which came with the wall charger.

Link to the exact product you ordered please. Amazon link would be good. You said “with charger” .

I would wager that the OP has this:

or this (PD version)

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Right so there are 4 things which can fail in that situation.

I do think is an Anker failed component, seeing as it is a kit, but which part needs more expansion.

The nice thing with Anker is will get a resolution, just this forum helps to get a resolution quicker with the “have you tried XXX” email exchanges removed.

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Be sure you are using the green port.

Hi @Adam_Huang_Ziwei,

Thanks for letting us know your concern via forum and email contact both. This is AnkerDirect customer service. We’ve located your email sent to us already.

According to the email you send to us, it seems that the item you purchased should be the PowerCore + 26800 PD. Is that correct? If so, would you allow us to clarify some information first?

  1. The Samsung S6 has the Quick Charge technology(QC). It could only be quick charged via a battery with same QC technology. The USB-C port of the PowerCore + 26800 PD is able to offer PD output, which is different from the QC of S6, thus the USB-C port is not able to quick charge the S6 phone.
  2. The other two output ports of the PowerCore + 26800 PD offer 5V/2A output with PIQ technology, which do not have QC technology as well.
  3. According to our test, the PIQ ports should be able to charge an S6 fully in around 1 hour and 50 minutes(without using the phone during charging). The USB-C port might take longer to charge an S6 fully. May we confirm which port did you try?

We would be more than glad to verify the issue further and offer accordingly warranty for you as long as the purchasing is covered by our warranty policy.

Could you please kindly reply to let us know the details and your order information via email under ticket #41464444? We would assist you asap.

Hope to hear from you soon.