Powercore+ 26800 with pd vs. Qc

Hi guys.
Just want to know if anyone has this 2 product and compare which one is more efficiently able to charge the new hp spectre x360 laptop and switch since the pd version is available in my country

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I dont think QC is supported in this laptop, so PD might be your only option though. The laptop does support PD.

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Hi thanks.
If I use USB a to USB c will it be able to charge?

The USB A does not support PD, your only option is USB C to USB C with PD.

Looks like neither will be sufficient. Sorry!

Hi @Ramseyteo,

Thanks for bringing your concern to us. @joshuad11, thanks for your kind reminder :slight_smile:

Indeed, after our test, it shows both the PowerCore + 26800 PD and the PowerCore + 26800 QC are incompatible with the HP Spectre series. Really sorry for the bad news.

Should there be further issues or questions, please feel free to contact us via "support@anker.com", we would try our best to assist at any point.

Best wishes to all of you~~