PowerCore+ 26800 usb green?

What is the green USB port on the right ? with a cercle and a flash in it and the number 3 ?

thank you

The green port is a Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 port, it allows the PowerCore+ to charge compatible devices up to 85% faster.

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Thanks but what is a compatible device ?
i am using an ipad pro and and an iphone 7+

neither if those are compatible, most android devices have quick charge, I am an avid apple user and wish they had implemented this in their product.

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The following link gives some devices but as @cdarienzo1 has mentioned your Apple devices are currently not QC3


thank you ā€¦ then the most sold devices in the world are not compatibles :slight_smile:

Not true on output. Partially true on input.

Apple has a 2.4A 5V input with a specific proprietart port shape at the other end in some products, and standard USB-C in other products.

You can plug in a typical Apple product into the two ports on the left and charge at full speed.

Hence the two ports on the left work with most Apple products, the green one with the 2nd most popular type of Samsung and all of them with everything else.

If you have a larger Apple device like a larger iPad then it is USB-C PD and then you use another product like the 26800 PD (30W) output.

The green port will also charge iPhones at full speed, though, right.

Which iPad Pro do you have? The USB-C PD capabilities @nigelhealy was referring to is not compatible with the 9.7ā€ iPad Pro.

iphones I think so yes, ipads less so. The common denominator of QC is 5V 2A 10W and an ipad can ingest a bit more than 2A, about 2.3A. So if you put an ipad in a QC port it would likely charge slower at 2A than in the other ports nearer to 2.3A. An iphone struggles to take much about 1.6A.

I have one Apple fan in the family and used their iphone and ipad and a meter to test the draw, to debug all the cables, chargers they use, I managed to eek out a bit faster charge in a few corners.

Because Iā€™m using emperical method on just two devices, it is anecdotal. I would encourage everyone to buy a meter because otherwise its just vague waffle.

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